Impromptu Orgasms

It was another case of life infringing on enforced chastity and FLR. Our dog had a seizure last night. It was “only” her second one in a few months. The vet doesn’t take them seriously until they occur frequently. We do. To see your poor dog flopping around on the floor, knowing you can’t do anything about it, is unnerving. Then there’s the cleanup. And reassuring the dog that everything is ok and we aren’t mad at her for any mess she made. Especially since she has no idea how the mess was made.

In all the confusion, I forgot it was punishment night. I owed Lion some swats for interrupting and for spilling something on his shirt. Not to worry. I can make up for forgetting tonight.

We also got a late start on playing. I wasn’t even really sure we would play, but I decided we should. And, because 2.0 can do whatever the hell she wants, Lion got an impromptu orgasm out of the deal. He was surprised. It wasn’t planned. I just decided that the way I was holding him and the way he was bucking, he should have an orgasm. It’s four days early if you look at the schedule. 2.0 doesn’t look at the schedule. Well, that’s not true. She did look last night. She just didn’t care.

I don’t know how Lion feels about impromptu orgasms. I know he likes orgasms. I know sometimes he questions why he had one with more time remaining on the schedule. But does he mind not waiting? It’s silly, really. What guy is going to turn down an orgasm? I think he should just consider himself lucky whenever he gets an orgasm. [Lion — Never look a gift orgasm in the …]


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    So sorry about your pooch. Our 8-year-old beagle Shiner has epilepsy and once every six months or so he goes completely rigid, his feet clenched tightly, panting and drooling. He comes out of it in about five-10 minutes but it is scary to watch your buddy suffering. The only lingering effect is exhaustion; he sleeps hard that night and wakes up none the worse for wear. Good luck with your dog.

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    Sorry about your dog. Scary stuff.

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    Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope that you are able to do something about these seizures.

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