Not His Night

Yesterday was a lot better than Saturday. We did less, so we were less exhausted. Lion wanted his manscaping done. I dread doing it, especially when I’m hurting. It’s a lot of bending, leaning, and awkward positions. It was a nice surprise when I noticed Lion is a lot less furry than he has been. Even in the hard to reach spots. I always have trouble shaving in cracks and other transition areas. The strobe light has no such problems. Zap! No more hair. It’s not completely gone yet, but well on its way. As a result, the time spent bending, leaning, and in awkward positions was minimal. I am grateful for that.

I left Lion wild after our manscaping foray. He cleaned the cage and took a wild shower. He hasn’t been super horny lately, but I don’t think I have to worry about him cheating anyway. He’s also been a lot more relaxed about where the key is hidden. If you remember, he bought a safe and I’m the only one who knows the combination. Well, that safe weighs quite a bit and it lives under the bed. Every night I had to drag it out so I could unlock him. I was just waiting for the time I’d lose my grip and break a few toes from the safe landing on them. The other day he said it doesn’t matter so much if the key is locked in the safe. Hurray! No more danger of broken toes. I wonder what changed his mind. When we got it he needed the pageantry of having the key inaccessible to him. It may just be that the reality didn’t quite live up to the fantasy of it. Perhaps if I had done more fanfare when unlocking and relocking the safe. I’m not arguing. I thought it was overkill from the beginning.

When I edged him last night I decided I was not going to go too far. We dodged a bullet the other night when the ruined orgasm didn’t kill his horniness level. I was not about to tempt fate again. That doesn’t mean I took it easy on him. I still edged him over and over again. He wanted me to go too far. Not to a ruined orgasm, but all the way too far. After I snuggled in close to him I told him it was not his night. He never knows when it will be his night, but it was definitely not last night. Is tonight his night? Not according to the calendar, but 2.0 doesn’t care what the calendar says. And she’s not talking.