Male Chastity Sports

It seems to me that a lot of guys think of enforced male chastity as a sport. Evidence of this is everywhere. Way back in the early 1990’s when chastity devices were very expensive and awkward (full belts as a rule), the guys who bought them were mostly solo players. They didn’t express any interest in an external keyholder and everything I read was about security.

There was a little subculture of men who bought belts, locked themselves up, and then wouldn’t masturbate until they could break out of the device. They were sexual escape artists. I spoke with a couple of belt makers who confirmed this was what their customers did.

This is significant to me in that many early users of devices had no interest in a power exchange. They also had no interest in orgasm control or restriction. Chastity hardware was used in a solitary sport where belt makers competed with belt wearers to see if they could make the inescapable chastity device. The inevitable result of this expensive game was that devices became more secure, expensive, and a lot more uncomfortable. This changed in 1993 (I think) when the CB2000 was released. This device was and is easy to escape, relatively cheap, and available without custom fitting.

If chastity escape was the game of polo, restricted to an esoteric group, the CB2000 started chastity baseball, a sport anyone could enjoy. The inventor created the device so he and his wife could play with orgasm control over a weekend or vacation. Other couples discovered the device and played too. Thanks to the Internet, the CB2000 sold in the hundreds, eventually in the thousands.

The game changed. It became a two-player sport with a locked male and a keyholder. The Internet being what it is, guys started writing stories about male chastity. These fantasies became the lingua franca of male chastity. It became all about sexual bondage and enforced abstinence. To this day, most people who are aware of it, think of male chastity as a BDSM practice where cruel mistresses force hapless men to service them without any hope of even an erection.

Of course this is a male fantasy. Women are not likely to crave a slobbering, horny guy who constantly wants to lick her pussy. There’s no depth to the fantasies. But alas, that’s what many guys think this is all about. I guess that’s fantasy chastity baseball.

The real life sport is nothing like the fantasy. How it’s played varies widely. The basics are pretty much the same, but there are differences. It’s like Canadian football; similar to ours, but significantly different. Some couples, read that to mean “men”, want to see how long they can go without an orgasm. Others, like us, like active control. Mrs. Lion teases me almost every day and takes an orgasm when she feels like it. My waits are usually pretty short. The average is a week. Some are shorter, a few go for over two weeks.

The lion version of the game includes a female led relationship, very frequent teasing, spankings, and non-sexual rules. Others play differently. What is your version?