2.0 is Watching

My Lion wasn’t up for playing again last night. We snuggled again instead. I don’t think it’s a big deal. It’s just a break in the action. Lion thinks he’s broken again. I know I can’t tell him to snap out of it. Things don’t usually work that way. Besides that, he doesn’t pressure me for not wanting sex. What good would it do? It would just lead to bad feelings and that certainly wouldn’t snap me out of it. So what’s the answer?

It may not be the answer, but I just make sure I’m here for Lion. I’ll unlock him every night and see if he’s responsive. The other night I brought out the bag of tricks and a collection of clothespins. Four or five clothespins in, it was obvious Lion wasn’t going to have any fun. I took the clothespins off and we snuggled. Last night I didn’t try any toys. I unlocked him and gave it the old college try and then we snuggled. From my perspective, the best thing I can do for him is be there. He needs to know I’m available to play if he wants to play, but there’s no pressure.

On the other hand, the rules still apply. He still has to be naked and collared. He still shouldn’t interrupt me. Last night he got swats for interrupting me over the weekend and the make-up swats I forgot to give him last week. He reminded me at dinner that it was punishment night. Normally he does it during our email exchanges, but he has until 8:30 pm. He cut it a little close, but he complied with the rule. He needs to know 2.0 is still watching. She may not be doing evil things to him at the moment, but she is watching for swatting opportunities. Her primary goal is a safe and happy Lion. Torturing him when he wants it (even if he may not want it at the time) is fine. Hitting a Lion when he’s down is not. But the rules must be obeyed.