It All Works Out in the End

Since our failed attempt at anal training on Sunday, I haven’t shoved anything up Lion’s butt. Last night I decided we should backtrack to the medium nJoy plug. It went in easily. I thought it might. The purpose was just to get something in there after a few days’ break.

When I took out the lock box to unlock Lion, he asked if I was going to take out the plug. I wondered if he was uncomfortable. He said if I wanted him to have any fun he’d need it out. Well, now I had to think about how much fun I wanted him to have. There are times I really want him to feel the plug while I’m torturing him. I know it’s more difficult/uncomfortable to have an orgasm with it in. With that knowledge, I would assume it’s also more difficult/uncomfortable to be edged with it in. It’s just a matter of how uncomfortable I want him to be. Tensing up with an unyielding steel blob in your ass has to be less comfortable than with a pliable silicone dildo. Some nights that’s a good thing. Last night I took it out. 2.0 just wanting to play with him.

Sometimes I like to use lube when I jerk Lion off. He doesn’t. To me, it reduces friction and should feel good. He said it bothers the head of his penis. The other day when he mentioned that I thought it was just because I grip him differently when I use lube. I tend to hit the head more. Last night I stayed away from the head and it still bothered him. Phooey. I like the lube. Sure it makes him stickier and he has to clean off afterwards, but I like the slippery feel. I don’t use it that often so he’ll just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Yesterday was his scheduled date, but I already gave him an orgasm the other day. He wasn’t going to get one again that soon. He’ll be waiting until Friday at least. Maybe we’ll have a nice weekend culminating in an orgasm.