Damned Ruined Orgasms

Whose fault is a ruined orgasm? Is it mine because I pushed to far? Is it Lion’s because he should be able to hold on? Who decides? Is it even possible for Lion to hold on?

I’ve become quite fond of rapid fire edging. Not right off the bat, of course. After I’ve edged Lion a few times, I like to give him just tiny breaks between tries. Naturally this is playing with fire. Sometimes, like last night, I go too far. There. I said it. I go too far. But in my mind I’m thinking Lion should be able to hold on. Physiologically there must be a point of no return. Can it be changed? Is it a training issue? Do I even want to change it? Maybe it will cause some long term effect that I’ll hate. Lots of questions and not many answers. I’m afraid. And what’s wrong with a ruined orgasm anyway? Sure, I’m mad when it happens because it’s not what I intended. And it doesn’t feel all that great for Lion. And it resets his clock, so to speak. But I usually get a tasty treat out of the deal. So I think the answer to my many questions is, who cares? I just need to be more careful and if I go too far, I go too far.

The bottom line in all of this is that things are going to happen. We need to adjust and move on. Life isn’t perfect and a lot of it really is trial and error. Practice makes perfect. Luckily the practice in this case involves more attention for Lion. I’m sure he’ll live through the occasional ruined orgasm as long as he gets the attention he craves.

Prior to the ruined orgasm, I pegged Lion with a fairly long dildo. The length wasn’t necessary and I didn’t put it all the way in. I was looking for the width. With a little lube adjustment, he took it very easily. I think tonight we may be able to move to a thicker dildo. We have a very thick purple one but I’m not sure he’s ready for that yet. I’ll have to go shopping in our dildo cabinet when I get home. I’m sure we have one that will do the trick. I have two goals for Lion. I want him to be able to take the 2.0 nJoy butt plug and I want him ready for the fucking machine. It’s nice that I can accomplish both with one exercise.

I also tied Lion’s balls fairly tightly with rope. I may be showing my age here, but I’m sure some of you remember the old TV shows where you’d sing along with the bouncing ball. They’d show the lyrics on the screen and a little ball would follow the melody. When I tie Lion’s balls, his balls bounce as I jerk him off. I always make a dorky comment about following the bouncing balls. Anyway, I can also grab his balls and tug on them while they’re tied. He seems to like that although last night I think they were tied just a little too tight. Not dangerously so, just enough to make it a tiny bit too uncomfortable. But Lion likes discomfort, you say. I know! So I didn’t really stop playing with his balls. I just didn’t tug as hard.

I haven’t gotten the Lion weather report yet today but I have a feeling I can make Lion horny later whether he is now or not. After all, I do have the power.

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