Not a Fan

By late yesterday afternoon, I was questioning our new punishment procedures. We never really worked out a safe way to do a public spanking. When Lion interrupted me while we were heading to the store, he wanted on the spot punishment. It didn’t seem to matter that I was uncomfortable administering that punishment in a grocery store bathroom. He said it would be more effective for him if he received punishment immediately. I know the most immediate way to stop me from punishing him immediately is to make me feel uncomfortable. Make me hate an idea and it will be the last thing I want to do. I was already not much of a fan of public punishment. Now I am even less of a fan.

Another area I see as borderline ridiculous is Lion’s standing when I enter a room or stand. I know it was my idea. I know it’s good manners. It’s just not necessarily blue collar manners. You know the dating website for farmers that says something like “city folk just don’t get it”? Well, this country folk don’t get it when it comes to those kind of manners. I don’t know which fork to use. I say please and thank you, but I don’t keep my elbows off the table and I don’t know what to do with silverware after a meal to tell the waiter I’m done. I don’t mind when a waiter says, “How are you guys tonight?” It drives Lion crazy. We’re not guys. One of us is a guy. One is a lady/gal/woman. “Folks” doesn’t seem to bother him. Standing for me seems very artificial. Boarding school Lion was taught those kind of manners from a young age. His father was a professional. Mine was not. His father drank martinis. Mine drank beer. We are from different sides of the tracks.

For now, we’ll continue the standing rule. The truth is, all rules seem somewhat ridiculous to me when they start. I have to convince myself that it’s OK to punish Lion for what seems like a made up thing. Of course, all rules are made up. Some are ridiculous. Who cares if I bring a rabbit to church? (I made that up but it seems like it’s probably one of those weird laws you hear about.) So I guess it’s not all that strange that I think our rules are ridiculous.

I’m not sure about the public punishment. If we can come up with a way that makes both of us comfortable we’ll do it. I know Lion’s butt won’t be comfortable, but you know what I mean.


  1. Author

    If you are uncomfortable then you shouldn’t feel obligated to do it! Perhaps putting a penny per infraction into a punishment pocket and delivering said punishment immediately on the return home

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    Is it really a punishment if he wants it? He should be the one reluctant to receive the punishment. Not you giving it.

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    Lioness I love your honesty and how you express yourself. I think that getting at the root of your uncomfortableness is important to look at. What happened to the shocking as punishment? If your concern is discretion, This is discreet yet immediate. I think along the lines of disciplining a child who misbehaves in public. My s is to go wait in the car while I finish dining or shopping. I take away something or an activity I know he enjoys. Even though I might enjoy it with him it is more important in our PE to remind him of behavior that is expected of him. The punishment is doubled because s has also affected my enjoyment of our activity together by misbehaving.

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