I Have A Sore Bottom

This past weekend was the first real chance for 2.0 to try out her new rules. To help us get started, we agreed that I would remind her if I broke a rule and she didn’t immediately call me on it. Saturday, each of us discovered infractions. When these infractions occurred at home, for the most part Mrs. Lion spanked me within a very short time of breaking the rule. There was a notable exception.

A new rule was that I thank her after punishing me. It makes sense. Correcting me is, after all, for my benefit. I failed to thank her twice. Each time when she realized I failed to do it, Mrs. Lion put a penny in the punishment bank. As a Monday morning quarterback I realize that this was a slip we should have caught (It’s not just up to her to report infractions). Since I am supposed to thank her immediately after a punishment, If I moved away from the spot where I was spanked without a sincere “Thank you for punishing me.”, I broke the rule.

Since we were already set up for punishment, it would make sense for Mrs. Lion to simply say, “Get back here!” and ask me what I forgot. Then, another, perhaps more severe spanking would follow. That would be highly educational for me. It is unlikely I would forget after the second spanking. But as I said, we didn’t realize it.

On the other side of the ledger, when driving to the supermarket I interrupted Mrs. Lion. When I realized it, I told her that I did it. She agreed. I asked if she would punish me at the supermarket. She remarked that they do have “family” bathrooms. She also said that she might not feel like doing it at this time. I asked her to reconsider. I said that it is way too easy for us to find reasons to avoid doing what we agreed. She acknowledged this point. So, while we were shopping, when we got close to the rest rooms. We stopped and went into a family bathroom. I dropped my pants and leaned on the sink. 2.0 took out her purse paddle and gave me a bunch of stinging swats. Each one echoed in the tile room. When she was done, I pulled up my pants and we resumed shopping. I couldn’t help but discreetly rub my bottom. It was stinging for some time after she finished.

OK, this was interesting. I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion was comfortable with the supermarket discipline. Other than that, I think it was a positive experience for us both. It might seem natural to consider where we go from here. We may go no further. Mrs. Lion and I, above all, are partners. We share everything from chores to spending decisions. I don’t think that either of us want to put all authority and responsibility on my dear lioness’ shoulders.

It seems to me that having a set of rules for me to follow and for her to enforce represents where we want to go with FLR, at least for now. She isn’t naturally dominant and I am far from submissive. The more I think about it, the less reasonable it seems to try to change the way we live. I treasure the way we share everything. I don’t want that to change. I am happy that we have found a way to help balance out some relationship issues using our brand of FLR, but that doesn’t mean I want to see us change everything. I am perfectly comfortable (uncomfortable?) getting spanked for breaking behavioral rules without trying to move things to another level.