kitchen spanking paddle
This is the small paddle we have had hanging from a refrigerator magnet for years. It’s been gathering dust until the other day. Now it has administered three spankings just this weekend. Lion says that this paddle hurts more than our others. It hurts when he sits down.

My new rules seem to be tripping Lion up. My kitchen paddle was dusty from disuse. No more. In the past two days alone, Lion has been whomped at least three times in the kitchen. He’s also been whomped in the bedroom. All because he can’t remember to thank me for swats or forgets to stand when I stand. Last night he raced back down the hall because he had forgotten to thank me. Whew! That was a close one. But this morning, after he failed to stand when I stood, he did forget to thank me for the swats. I added a penny to his bank.

While I have been punishing more frequently on the spot, it is sometimes necessary to punish him after the fact. I don’t even remember what he did last night, but we were out and although I had my away-paddle with me, there was no place safe to use it. Luckily (Lion would use a different adverb) I had two pennies with me. Throughout the night I reminded Lion of the two pennies. We don’t have a set number of swats for the pennies. They just serve to remind me of an infraction. I even told him the pennies might translate to the tiny dollhouse clothespins on the head of his cock or some menthol rub on his balls. The pennies are not necessarily just for swats. I could even use them for diaper wear; anything I want.

This morning, after I whomped him for not standing when I did, Lion asked if he could go to his office to check on his website. That got me thinking (Lion just had a mini heart attack – not another rule!), maybe he should ask to be excused when he gets up from the table or wants to leave the room. Since we seem to be working on manners, doesn’t that follow suit? [Lion — I have to agree it does.]  However, since he can’t seem to follow the other new rules, maybe I should wait to add to his misery. Perhaps I’ll issue a release date for the new rule. You know, like a law that goes into effect on such and such a date. That would be very legislative of me. So this new rule, Lion must ask for permission to leave the room or get up from the table, will take effect on May 1. He’ll have plenty of time to adjust. Of course, he can start obeying the law earlier so he gets used to it, but I won’t punish him for not obeying until after May 1. [Lion — This would work in public too, since just saying “Excuse me.” won’t raise any eyebrows.]

Lion wanted rules, 2.0 is happy to oblige. Be careful what you wish for, my pet.