The Pendant of Power

chastity device key necklace
This is my new necklace with the “key” to Lion’s chastity device.

About a week ago my new key arrived. Lion had an additional key made that had been polished so I can wear it on a necklace. Mature Metal needed my permission, of course. There’s no telling how many caged males try to get an extra key. (Not many, I assume.) I bought a leather cord and last night we got a smaller ring than the one that came with the key to connect it. I thought the leather cord was very fitting given Lion’s years in the leather community. Today I’m wearing the “pendant of power”. That’s what I’ve decided I’ll tell people if they ask what it is. It does, after all, represent the power I have over Lion’s weenie.

Last night I also decided on the second rule of my tax day resolutions. Lion has to thank me after I punish him. If I zap him with the shock collar because he’s done something wrong, he has to thank me. If I zap him for the heck of it, he doesn’t. Whenever he receives punishment swats, he must thank me. And now I’m thinking he should even thank me when I point out an infraction if I don’t punish him at that time. I am going out of my way to punish him for doing something wrong. If he does nothing wrong then I don’t have to punish him and he doesn’t have to thank me. Sometimes he does thank me, but it’s never been a rule. And now it is.

Lion is so horny now that he can’t tell how many times I’ve edged him. Last night I even gave him a little bit more time between and he still said everything was a blur. We played the clothespin game again, where every close call was followed by the removal of one or more clothespins. And then, of course, I kept going even after the clothespins were all gone. He’s well past his scheduled date. He made another comment last night about having only two orgasms for April. We’ll see, Lion. 2.0 operates on her own schedule.

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    Thanking you for punishment is a great rule! I try to thank my wife after she whips me, but it’s not a rule, yet!
    After a planned six weeks of tease and denial, it’s been another two weeks of wondering when I may be allowed orgasm.
    A few days ago she said that she doesn’t know when she will let me, but doesn’t think it will be soon.
    Not knowing when is worse than just not being allowed for a period time.
    I love your “pendant” and all it stands for.

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