Yesterday Lion said he was very horny. I think that’s good news. I like when he’s very horny. He says I only make it worse when I play with him. I offered to ignore him for the night. No touching. No contact. Nothing. He didn’t like that idea very much. He likes when I make it worse. Good. I can certainly do that for him.

Lion showed me a video that’s making the rounds on the Twitterverse. A women is masturbating a man with an electric toothbrush. I don’t think I ever would have thought of that, but it’s another example of an innocuous vanilla item being used for a kinky purpose. When the man finally comes, she puts the semen on the toothbrush and brushes his teeth with it. Lion finds this very hot. OK. I don’t get it. I mean, I get the whole vibrating thing on his cock. But then to brush his teeth with it? I’m fairly sure that’s not the part that turns Lion on. It’s the actual vibrating orgasm. And possibly the hood the guy is wearing. Actually, 2.0 gets it. The woman is making the guy do this. Or, more correctly, doing it to him. He has no say in the matter. Plus the fact that Lion has discovered he really does like vibrators. [Lion — Actually it’s both. The tooth brushing is a strong act of domination. I’ve had fantasies like that. The reality will certainly not be fun, but the memory and promise of more will be very hot.] 

I did indeed make Lion’s horniness worse last night. I was sure I went too far one time. I held my grip just a little longer than I should have and Lion’s face contorted. Maybe I was a half a stroke from a ruined orgasm. Too close for my comfort. Judging by the grimace, it was too close for Lion’s comfort too. But it’s supposed to be uncomfortable for him. Otherwise it would be an orgasm. And he’s not going to have one of those for at least three days. Probably more. Although he was very hard last night. It was a very impressive erection. Not quite beautiful penis status yet, but he’ll get there. I’ll make sure of that.

One thing that turns me on is when Mrs. Lion is strict with me. In terms of a power exchange, the concept of strictness can be a slippery slope. For a top to be strict, there is an implicit assumption she is paying close attention to the behavior of her bottom. That takes a lot of time and energy on the part of the top. To some, it means micromanaging the bottom. That’s the problem for Mrs. Lion.

Fortunately, there are creative ways to provide strict management without an excessive investment of time. My long experience as a top allowed me to discover some, and talks with other tops taught me others. The first thing to consider if you are the top, is that you want your bottom to feel that he is under strict control. The conversation is not what you have to do to provide strict management, even though that’s what it appears to be. It’s about what will make your partner feel that you are a strict top.

Let’s look at it from my perspective as a caged, disciplined male. I define “strict” as close control of my behavior with consequences for any deviation from what my lioness expects. How the deviations are discovered is not part of my definition. That means Mrs. Lion doesn’t necessarily have to watch  my every move to be my strict lioness.

As an honorable partner, I should report my own transgressions if not observed by my partner. I should be mature enough not to wait to be “caught” in order to be corrected. That doesn’t mean Mrs. Lion can avoid noting offenses. Her input is invaluable since I may completely “forget” a rule and therefore not self report.

Even more important than observing my transgressions is the need for consequences. Making exceptions is not a kindness in my case. If I break a rule, then punishment is earned. We have a system to relieve Mrs. Lion of the need to remember my infractions. If she observes one, she can put a penny in the lion punishment bank. On punishment days she can count the pennies and punish accordingly. The idea is to make it easy for her to enforce rules and impossible for me to avoid consequences. That, to me, is the essence of strict lion management.

This goes against her good nature. She is very willing to allow me slack.  For example, I didn’t wear my collar all weekend. She decided to forgive me. That may appear a kindness, but the kinder thing for me is to punish me. It’s my job to remember to wear it. Even if Mrs. Lion doesn’t remind me if I forget, I didn’t do what I was told. To me, the key to being strict is allowing few, if any, exceptions.

There is one other, very easy technique: making a transgression impossible. The chastity device makes sexual touching impossible. So, all Mrs. Lion has to do in order to assure I won’t be playing with my weenie is to keep it locked up any time she isn’t actively interacting with it. Simple and not much work at all.

I never fail to do something I should because I want to provoke a punishment. I fail because I get lazy or distracted. I don’t want to be either. I also don’t want Mrs. Lion to feel pressured to find every little infraction. She may need to find some because I didn’t notice my own misdeed. But I owe her diligence observing my own transgressions. To help me learn to be better at that, she could notice but not mention some and then wait for me to report them. If I fail, then I can be reminded of the fact I didn’t tell her and earn a punishment for the infraction and another for failure to report it. That way I will learn to take on a lot of the reporting needed to provide strict lion management. At least, that’s my current thinking. What do you think, 2.0?

I was out of ideas again yesterday. Actually, I was concentrating on getting caught up on chores and I hadn’t thought much about playing. I’ve been trying to schedule afternoon activities on at least one weekend day. Sometimes it doesn’t work out. When Lion asked if we were playing, I had to scramble to come up with something. I went to an old standby that Lion doesn’t get enough of.

I brought out the cuffs and tied him to the bed. I also had some whomping accessories. Lion was excited when he saw them. He loves to be tied to the bed. And he loves a good play spanking. I’m not sure it was one of my better play spankings, but he did have a nice warm butt afterwards. He forgets he mentioned biting until I do it to him. I took a few pictures of my teeth marks to show him. Overall, I think he had a good time even before I started edging him.

I was pretty sure I went too far a few times. I even allowed Lion to hump my hand and I thought he was going to make it all the way before I pulled my hand away. The result is a very horny Lion. There are two more days until his maybe date. I think he’ll be horny enough by then but I think I’ll make him wait a little longer. He has a theory that I should make him wait until he loses interest. I’m not sure why. I wouldn’t think it would be as much fun then. I’m sure he’d get horny once I start playing with him, but he wouldn’t be very frustrated. I really like the super horny, get-hard-with-a-gentle-breeze Lion. Having him lose interest isn’t as interesting for me. I suppose we can try it to see how it goes.

So we’ll sail right past the 30th and go from there. I have no idea how long he can go before he loses interest. I’ll do my best to get him as horny as possible in the meantime.

[Lion — I proposed the wait-till-interest-drops-off method. 2.0 is right. It’s more fun for both of us when I am super horny. The question is when is my peak? Do we care? Mrs. Lion is right, as usual. The best time is at my peak. Of course, you never know that until the peak has just passed.]

One of the very first rules I was given was that I was not allowed to masturbate. Obviously, almost all of the time that is impossible. I’m locked in my chastity device almost all of the time. In the past, I was allowed to go wild for a few days at a time in the summer when we traveled in our camper. When home, I’m only wild when Mrs. Lion wants access. Sometimes she leaves me uncaged for a while after play and allows me to shower without my cage.

She always makes it very clear that a shower with no cage is not an invitation to jerk off. I get it. I can, however, clean up down there which includes some hand-to-penis contact. It feels good rub soap over my cock and balls. Sometimes I wash very carefully and I get hard. I’m never in any danger of a self-induced orgasm, but I admit the cleaning feels very good.

A couple of weeks ago after my shower, I asked Mrs. Lion to amplify her interpretation of the no touching rule. I wondered if my nearly-accidental erection was a violation. I didn’t tell her why I was asking, just an innocent inquiry. She said that sexual touching is not allowed. OK, careful cleaning isn’t sexual touching, is it?

Jerking off isn’t the issue. But then I started to think about spirit of the law. I realized that I enjoy those showers when my cage is off. I like the unfettered opportunity to soap and rinse. I also like those times after Mrs. Lion finishes and allows me to remain wild. I get nice sensations from anything that happens to touch my penis. That’s not surprising since she just finished edging me several times. My sexual sensitivity is heightened.

I know this can seem like small stuff to you. But remember I’m in my third year of virtually no penis access. So a chance to soap up and rinse or even feel the sheets against my penis is quite exciting to me. Should I be allowed even those small, sexy contacts? Clearly they are unauthorized and if I am allowed to be uncaged without close supervision, pretty much impossible to prevent. Of course, if I am caged immediately after play and not allowed any showers while wild, much touching would be prevented.

Mrs. Lion has me take off and put on the base ring of my chastity device. That is authorized touching. Maybe my hands belong away from my penis at all times. I wonder what it would be like if I had no physical contact of any kind with it. Would it heighten my hunger for sexual contact? Would it affect me emotionally? Would I learn to avoid any contact with my penis even when uncaged?

Since the last time I masturbated was in 2014, I don’t even think about that as something I could do even if wild. I wonder if extended inability to have any contact with my penis would condition me to avoid even non-sexual contact.

For this to happen, Mrs. Lion would have to remove and replace the base ring of my cage. She would also have to do any uncaged penis-washing and closely supervise me if allowed to bathe without the device. This would be a little more trouble for her. Is it worth doing? I don’t know. It’s just one of those things I sometimes think about. Thoughts like this tend to get me into trouble.