Wandering In The World Of Power Exchange

Here we are at another weekend. Yesterday was Mrs. Lion’s birthday and we went out for a quiet dinner at an excellent restaurant. It was the most we could manage. Recovery is far slower than either of us likes. I ordered a small gift that I wanted to give her at dinner. Life sometimes really conspires to screw things up. The huge storms in the Southeast delayed shipment of her gift until next week. World 2, Lions 0. Actually, things are great despite the small setbacks. We are very comfortable with our FLR and enforced chastity; well maybe more comfortable. We are completely comfortable with each other.

My challenge right from the beginning is to learn to just accept what happens. The fact that I continue to struggle with this is an indication that submission is not my natural state. I like to make things happen. But I am learning. As Lioness 1.0 morphed to 2.0, I find it easier to trust that if I don’t take action, things will still happen. When 2.0 decides to punish impatience, I’m sure that my behavior will further change for the better.

I started thinking about what my goals are. That’s probably a bad idea. The fact is that I can’t come up with a single objective. I don’t want to learn to be completely submissive to Mrs. Lion.  I don’t expect her to become a raging sadist. I do expect that things will change as we continue, but to what end? I’m equally sure that Mrs. Lion has no grand plan for me. Does this mean that we are just aimlessly wandering in the world of power exchange?

I don’t think so. While there isn’t a structured master plan, there is something of a method to our madness. The process, if you can call it that, is fueled by my imagination, experience, and reading. Mrs. Lion takes my input, decides what she would like to do, and then tries it. As a rule, she tries almost everything I come up with. After a time, we decide if the activity is what we want, at least for right now.

Wait! you shout. What do you mean we? Don’t you mean she decides? Theoretically, yes. In practice, no. There have been cases where I have not liked an idea at all, but Mrs. Lion has decided to add it to her repertoire; take ruined orgasm, for example. She certainly has that right. By and large, we both agree on new stuff. The point, after all, isn’t to make me miserable all the time. It’s to grow our power exchange in ways that ultimately make us both happier. As Mrs. Lion gains confidence and knowledge, we wander less and less and become happier in our choices.




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