Lion had a good weekend. He might have been in pain for some of it, but that’s all part of a good weekend for him. He even told me that I might as well do away with the regular clothespins because they don’t really hurt anymore. I told him he should learn to shut up. He said he didn’t want me to waste my time with things that won’t work. Okay. You asked for it. Just remember that.

When Lion wasn’t clothespinned or in the sling, he kept a watchful eye on his calendar. Mine too, I suppose, although mine won’t likely change for a while. He’s been nervous I’ll change his date. So far, so good. Today the stars have magically aligned and, unless something big happens between now and tonight, he gets his scheduled orgasm. Even though last night he said he was enjoying the level of horniness he’s at right now. It might be a shame to end that. Just sayin’. He insists he will enjoy his orgasm and be right back to the peak of horniness in no time.

I’m not exactly sure what would make me change his date. I was not moved to change it despite the fact that he remained clothed for at least an hour after we got home yesterday. I was doing something downstairs and he was on his computer, and when I came upstairs he was not naked. I asked if there was a reason he was still in clothes. Normally he says he needs to stay in clothes because he’ll be running outside to do something, or whatever he’s doing indoors would be safer with clothes on. I allow that. I’m not going to make him run around naked when there is a need for clothes. However, he was just doing something on the computer and had no plans to go back outside. When I asked him about it he gave me a sheepish grin and said he didn’t think it mattered. Apparently 2.0 cares. Well, 1.0 cared too. He just never really tested 1.0 like this. This is dangerous territory. Why test 2.0? He’s sampled very hard swats. I wouldn’t think he’d want more of the butt-blistering punishment he now knows 2.0 will hand out.

From another blog, he got the idea of a bank for collecting infractions so I could remember how many swats to give him. I’ve never really tied a specific number to a specific offense. He won’t automatically get six swats for getting food on himself, for example. His suggestion of a penny per infraction would not necessarily equate to a swat per penny. So yesterday I got the evil idea that perhaps he should get a quarter for the most serious things. Maybe leaving his clothes on would cost him a dime, but testing 2.0 might cost him that quarter. Can I charge him twice for the same thing? Isn’t that double dipping? Fine. How about two quarters for not being naked and testing 2.0? Want to go for three quarters? (Lion did not challenge me on this issue. This is the first he’s hearing about it. But I can hear the wheels turning and I’m just proactively putting the brakes on for him. (See? I do have his best interests at heart.)

Tonight should be very interesting. Punishment night and orgasm night. The perfect storm.

As she promised, Mrs. Lion unlocked me, led me down to our dungeon, and put me in the sling. I was getting hard just moving into position in the sling. Lioness 2.0 began by getting me very aroused, then she used a small butt plug, followed by a new dildo. She is working on getting me peg-ready so I can ride the fucking machine. The new dildo has the Vac-U-Lock fitting for the machine.  She said I did pretty well.

Then she applied quite a bit of the menthol rub in a wide stripe from the top of my balls all the way to my anus. It hurt, but not nearly as badly as I remember from years ago. I remember once getting a bit on my perineum and I wanted to rocket to the ceiling. She may be right and this old stuff has lost some of its potency; but not all. Later, when I showered, I soaped my balls and then back to my anus. A few seconds after soaping, I could feel the cool effect of the menthol. Note to self: wash carefully in the future when Mrs. Lion gets full-strength rub.

The entire time I had the rub on my balls, Mrs. Lion was either masturbating me or sucking my penis, or as she says, weenie. She edged me at least twice in the midst of my balls on fire. I know mammalian males are programmed to disregard pain during sex. I’m pretty sure that if she hadn’t stimulated me the burning would have been much worse. In fact, she paused stimulating me to apply more to my poor balls. As soon as she stopped masturbating me the pain went up a lot. That’s not to say it wasn’t very intense even with the stimulation, but just sayin’.

I can understand why some guys actually don’t want that eventual orgasm. For the last few days, every touch when Mrs. Lion unlocks me and stimulates me, has been heaven. It’s been a long time since I remember being masturbated feeling this good. Today is my scheduled orgasm day. I’m not sorry it’s finally arrived, but I have had a lot of extra fun without ejaculating for the last three days or so.

Since it can’t be due to my lioness trying some new, mysterious handjob technique, I have to attribute it to my heightened arousal. I think that three things are responsible for that: The first is that over the last week or so, Mrs. Lion has been writing and talking about doing things to me. She promised two kinds of clothespins on my balls as well as the menthol rub. I think the anticipation had a strong effect on my horniness. While she teased me last week, she reminded me of the things she planned to do. In addition, she wrote about Lioness 2.0 and how things were going to change. This turned me on bigtime! The second reason is that I had to wait longer than in the recent past. The longer wait also allowed more time for me to grow desperate. Third, Mrs. Lion has been much more consistent about punishment, locking me up immediately after teasing, and making it clear there will be no bonus orgasms for me.

Consistency, even when it means being frustrated, is more important to me than I thought. Mrs. Lion’s previous declarations that she could give me an orgasm any time I want always meant before my date. For some reason, those bonus orgasms were a bit disappointing for me. They felt wonderful and I truly loved the relief and great pleasure. But I also felt that I hadn’t made it to the end. I know it is illogical, but that’s what was going on. This is one reasons I asked Mrs. Lion to consider not telling me when I am going to come next, unless it is to tell me that today was the day, but now she will wait for a better time.

During a wait, very regular edging seems to do quite a bit for me. It not only makes me more horny, but it also settles me down for a while; sexually, that is. I can’t explain it well, but after I have been edged a few times (once doesn’t seem to do it for this) and I am safely locked away, I get a very settled, comfortable feeling. It’s similar to after good sex with an orgasm. It’s very different in that there is no loss of the urgency to finally ejaculate. But there is is a feeling of closeness and intimacy that prior to the edging, was masked by the need to get hard and get off.

Mrs. Lion likes to read my posts like lion tea leaves to divine what I “want”. Am I asking for very long waits? No, that’s not it. I am I asking for waits more than a week? Maybe. Am I asking to be locked up right after Mrs. Lion is done with my penis? Yes I am. Do I want more pain play? Well, yes, but I also love the buildup. Is any of this different from what we are doing now? No, I don’t think it is. I’m not asking my lioness to change. I guess I am just letting you and her know what is working well that she is doing. Mrs. Lion owns what happens to me. I am not trying to control or influence that.