Confessions Of A Wild Lion

Somehow over last weekend, when I put my base ring on, I must have badly pinched the skin on my penis. I don’t remember any pain, but the next day a very large bruise appeared. The bruise didn’t stop Mrs. Lion from teasing me. We discussed whether or not it made sense for me to go back in the chastity device. I wanted to put it back on and Mrs. Lion agreed. The next day the bruise was worse and over the next few days didn’t heal much. So, Wednesday night Mrs. Lion decided to leave me uncaged, All day yesterday I was wild and unfettered. Last night, when Mrs. Lion inspected the bruise, it had become smaller. So, she made the decision to continue to leave me wild.

Before going to sleep last  night, she warned me, “No touching.” I was surprised.

“No touching?” I asked.

“Of course. That’s always been the rule.”

“I thought the rule was no masturbating.”

“No! The rule is no touching other than necessary things like peeing and infrequent adjustments.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

I had never really thought about what sort of penis touches were illegal. In the past, when wild, I have fondled a little; even to the point of the beginning of an erection. I always thought that if I didn’t jerk off or let anyone else touch it, that I was well within the rules. Apparently not.

Mrs. Lion may not agree, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal. What bothers me more is that I don’t remember any instructions on what I can and can’t do with my uncaged penis. This may be a bit like the rule to be naked when home with no guests around. I have understood and followed that rule for over 13 years. However, until a couple of weeks ago, I don’t recall Mrs. Lion ever commenting if I was dressed or not. This last time when I kept my clothes on too long, I was spanked to help me remember not to do that again.

Before she told me that any penis touching is prohibited, I was in no danger of any touching that could result in an orgasm. I’m not even sure that it wouldn’t take more work than it’s worth for me to jerk off. This is the third year I haven’t masturbated. Now I am wild for at least another day I’m in no danger of getting myself off. I suppose there is the risk of a little surreptitious fondling, but nothing more.

If Mrs. Lion hadn’t reminded me that no touching meant NO TOUCHING, I might have fondled without a second thought. If she hadn’t pointed out that I was illegally dressed and punished me for it, I would have continued believing that she didn’t care if I were dressed or not. I think that I may need more direct supervision than either of us imagined. When we are together and come home, maybe Mrs. Lion could ask me if I am on my way to get naked. Directly pointing out that she cares that I am bare and collared on a frequent basis will help me feel the boundaries she set. The same is true on days I am wild. Regular questioning will assure that I know she cares if my hand wanders south.

Until the incident with me remaining dressed, I was convinced that I was getting naked without Mrs. Lion even noticing. In my opinion, part of being consistent and strict includes regular questioning and notice of rules I follow. It reminds me that my lioness is watching and that she cares about the rules she makes.