Can We Try It?

TENS unit
This is the TENS, muscle exerciser that Lion bought. Click the image for more information.

Somehow, in his hurry to be caged again, Lion pinched Mr. Weenie and got an ugly bruise. We’ve been watching it and decided last night to leave him wild to help with blood flow. By this morning it already looked a little better. Lion likes to remind me he’s wild. I know. I’m the one who left him wild. Last night I told him he needed to be good and keep his hands out of trouble. He asked what that meant. I told him he was not allowed to touch Mr. Weenie. He insists that’s never been a rule before. Really? It was one of the first rules. No more fraternization with Mr. Weenie. Peeing, cleaning, and some adjusting are allowed. Recreational activities are not. How is this news? I asked if he needed handcuffs to keep himself in line. He said he hoped I knew I could trust him. I do. I did. Until the touching thing came into question. (I still do trust him, but I have to wonder why he doesn’t remember the rule.)

In our search for menthol rubs the other day, we saw a TENS unit. It sends little (and sometimes big, depending on the model) electrical pulses through muscles. Lion found one on Amazon and had to order it. He researched it and read the instructions and had it almost all set up. He couldn’t stop talking about it. Between that and his new iPad, he’s been a very excited boy lately. He did everything but jump up and down and say, “Can we try it? Can we try it? When can we try it? Are you ready to try it?” So naturally I rolled my eyes and we tried it.

It’s got little adhesive pads that make contact with the skin. With a controller you can select different pulse patterns and different strengths. From my interactions with TENS units during physical therapy, I know the pulses can be anywhere from a gentle warming feeling to shooting you across the room when your muscle tenses. With the pads on his balls and perineum, there didn’t seem to be much outward effect. We tried on his anus and balls, and on his balls and penis. He felt the pulses in each area, but there was really no real effect visible to me. Mr. Weenie did seem to grow a bit and then shrink, but only in length. He was not getting hard from the stimulation. We’ll have to keep testing it to see if there’s any benefit to it.

Last night Lion did very well playing Jeopardy. Unfortunately for him, it was not a night it counted. There were no clothespins or shock collars involved. I think maybe Friday I’ll have him strap the shock collar on and have another go at Lion Jeopardy. It’s the finals for College Jeopardy. Maybe they’ll find some more obscure categories. Poor Lion.


  1. Author

    That’s a wonderful idea. I do wish my wife would consider the shock collar, but seemingly it’s a no go. I’m looking forward to this weekend though as I too will be uncaged (for a little while) and at some point released…
    I’m sure Lion will handle the Jeopardy game great.
    I’m going to include this idea in my journal and maybe my wife will do something similar.

  2. Author

    On the tens unit, put a restriction between the two pads & you will get a better effect. Example: one pad on the penis & one on the balls, put a rubber band at the base of penis & you will notice an increase effect. Lots of luck.

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