Lioness Anesthetic

Sunday was more than Superbowl day at our house. True to her word, Lioness 2.0 conducted a play session of great intensity. This is the second Sunday in a row that I was strapped into our sling for entertainment. As she described in her post yesterday, she first painted my big toenails with sparkly polish. For some reason, the gods were on my side, the color is extremely subtle and I can barely notice the tint. I’m glad for that. When she painted them pink, my nails were a glaring reminder of what she did. This time I can totally forget there is anything there.

2.0 is getting much more intense in her play style. She has also taught me something new about myself. As she reported, she put a quantity of Flexall on my balls and below. This is the most potent menthol rub (16% menthol). When she used that on me many years ago, I thought I would shoot through the ceiling. I whined so much that she let me go wash it off soon after being applied. This time was different.

Aside from the fact she made it clear that I would remain in the sling to “enjoy” the warmth and would not be released to run off and wash off the treatment, she also got me very aroused before she began. Her anal play that came first was accompanied by intense manual and oral stimulation. She actually got me hard and right to the edge while she was pegging me! I can’t believe I could become aroused during such an uncomfortable procedure. By the time she got to the Flexall, I was extremely aroused. That arousal blunted the burn from the rub. She would edge me and then stop. While she was waiting for me to calm down a bit, the burn would increase very quickly. It was clear that my arousal prevented me from feeling the full effects of her menthol treatment.

There was nothing subtle about the difference in sensation. Rub my penis, tolerable burn. Stop and extreme burning. I had seen a CBT demo years ago where the instructor showed that her victim could take much more stimulation, in this case she was slapping his balls, when he was hard. Our Flexall sessions proved that my pain tolerance is tied to my sexual arousal. Maybe I won’t need Novocaine at the dentist if my lioness goes with me. I’m very sure she is aware of this phenom. It’s only a matter of time until I have to fly solo without her stimulation to keep the heat down.

In an email exchange yesterday, 2.0 said that she used my state of arousal as a way of determining whether or not the pain is too heavy; sort of a weenieometer. I suggested that while the weenieometer is an accurate measure of my comfort level, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if I am soft and unable to get hard that the pain is too severe. I suggested that I can tell her and then she can decide if I am being too much of a wuss. Perhaps, more interestingly, she can use arousing me as a sort of pain volume control. She can arouse me and edge me to significantly reduce the pain, or leave me swinging in the breeze to feel the full impact of her activity.

Now that I have to wear a collar except in public, I realized that there is never a moment when I am not wearing something 2.0 requires. During the play, my collar was in place and the chastity device is off. When I shower or shave the collar is off and the device is on. In public the collar is off but the device is firmly locked in place. Mrs. Lion is far more willing to leave me unlocked after activity than I would like. Sunday, I had to ask if I could be locked up again. I know she thought it was a favor to give me some wild time. I prefer to be locked up. Go figure.

Our play sessions have raised my arousal to a new level. I wonder how I can possibly make it another week before I can come. Of course, with 2.0’s new policy, any date she gives me (except next Sunday, Valentine’s Day) is only the first date an orgasm is possible. In fact, it is unlikely I will be lucky enough to actually get one on that date.

Life is getting more interesting, and for me, more exciting.

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    I envy you two. You are so far ahead of my wife and me. I hope we get there.

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