Great Balls of Fire

We got a lot accomplished on Sunday. We already had our snacks planned for the Super Bowl. We did laundry. We cleaned the house. We fed the hummingbirds. And we played.

On one of my trips downstairs to do laundry I turned on the heater in the dungeon. Then I gave Lion his enema. The idea was that the dungeon would be warm by the time Lion was ready. Things worked out fine.

Once I had Lion in the sling, I told him I had him right where I wanted him. Spread eagle. Restrained. Now the fun could begin. He didn’t know I had the sparkly green nail polish with me. Not that he would have dared to anyway, but I was sure he couldn’t move his feet to avoid his toes being painted.

A few weeks ago we got a baby medicine syringe. We were looking for an easy way to inject lube ahead of a butt plug or dildo. I wasn’t sure it would work with a thicker lube, but it worked perfectly. Lion was able to take the entire newer dildo we bought to use with the fucking machine, even when I moved it in and out.

Then we moved on to the menthol rub. (see our new page about these rubs) I had both bottles in my hand and told Lion we were doing a test. Could he guess if I was using the old rub or the new? I put a stripe of the new stuff and he guessed it was the old. Then I put a stripe around the outer edge where the ring sits and he wasn’t sure which it was. Since there didn’t seem to be any real difference between the two, naturally I decided he could handle more. I know it takes some time for the rub to take full effect and maybe I was rushing, but I slathered the new stuff all over his balls.

Lion’s balls were on fire and at the same time I was giving him a hand job with the occasional suck. He was making faces and noises and I wasn’t sure if he was in pain or getting close to coming. Both, actually. I edged him a few more times and asked if he could still feel the heat. He said I’d probably wait until he couldn’t feel it anymore before I released him. However, I decided I’d edged him enough times and since it was the first foray with the new rub I decided he’d had enough of the heat. I let him out of the sling and told him the wash off. He wondered why I didn’t wait but didn’t argue with me.

When he was done with his shower, he said he needed the cage on because he didn’t think he could be trusted. He’s a very horny boy with seven days still to go. 2.0 definitely gets his motor running.