angry lioness
The answer is still no!

Last night I was going to let Lion simmer. I wasn’t even going to touch him. After quite a few sideways glances from him, I decided we should at least snuggle. As soon as I got close he said, “Wouldn’t you like to unlock me?” I didn’t even flinch. “No.” And poor Lion shook his head, muttering something about 2.0. I did, however, proceed to let my hands wander and listen to him purr as I got closer to his happy parts. Earlier in the evening he’d told me he was very horny. My reaction has been the same: Good. He should be.

For whatever reason, 2.0 is less inclined to give Lion bonus orgasms. Perhaps she realizes he wants to wait longer. 1.0 assumed that deciding to give him an orgasm early showed her power. 2.0 thinks he needs to wait. Ultimately 2.0 knows Lion needs to be careful about what he asks for. While she may not do everything Lion suggests, she is more likely to put her own spin on the tougher stuff. No more Mrs. Nice Lion. Nope. She’s going for broke. Broken Lion? Maybe. It depends on what nonsense comes out of his mouth.

Suppose 2.0 takes all of Lion’s suggestions. Oh boy. He’d be in big trouble. Maybe I should review every post he’s ever written and start at the beginning. Uh oh. Some of it would be do overs, but I haven’t done a lot of what he’s suggested. And I’m sure there’s a lot there he’s sorry he ever wrote down. In fact, as soon as he suggests it he knows he should hit delete before it’s ever published, but the silly boy trudges on. Should 2.0 make those dreams (nightmares) come true? All of them? Maybe I’ll make a list of his suggestions and pick and choose what to do. It will be a long list and I’m sure he’s not done suggesting things. Silly boy.


  1. Author

    2.0 should get a wartonberg wheel and a blind fold

  2. Author

    Go for it Mrs Lion!! That would be entertaining for all of us!

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