The Art Of The Tease

frustrated lion
The combination of teasing and edging can drive me crazy. Turning my need to come into a cruel game adds a new dimension to enforced chastity.

I’m in dangerous territory now. 2.0 has been edging me nightly. The new lioness has shown no inclination to show mercy toward my very horny condition. She acts happy that I am increasingly desperate to come. Either 2.0 is a better actress than 1.0 or she is taking genuine pleasure in my frustration. I don’t expect relief until at least Monday when I am scheduled to be orgasm-ready. That doesn’t mean I will get one on Monday, but I could. With 2.0 it’s clear I won’t be getting one before then.

Thursday night I was spanked for spilling food on my shirt. It was a mild spanking with the wooden spoon. Apparently 2.0 isn’t always going full throttle for spankings. Knowing my weakness that has me ask for more than I want when I am horny, I won’t suggest that Mrs. Lion always go full force when spanking me. OK, it crossed my mind. But, nope, not going to do it now. Uh oh, did I just do it?

I like 2.0’s firmer approach to me. It’s hard to articulate why, but part of it is security in knowing she says what she means and does what she says. Part of me loves a bonus orgasm, but another part feels disappointed that I didn’t go the full distance. This may be my version of the wish many chaste men have to wait longer and longer. I don’t feel the need to do that. I do like it when I am made to wait at least as long as my deadline.

The other night I asked about scheduled versus unscheduled orgasm dates. I was thinking that it is very exciting not to know if this teasing session would end in orgasm. It was frustrating just when I reached the edge and Mrs. Lion would announce,

“Not tonight,”

And, other times, I would get a real feeling in my stomach when, out of the blue, she would say,

“There’s no chance for at least three more days.”

Occasionally, the number of “more days” would be longer. At the end of the three day wait, she might say,

“Nope, still not the right time. Check back in three days.”

This only happened once or twice, but it was very powerful. When I am panting from just being edged, hearing that has a very strong effect. Teasing, after all, is more a psychological game than a physical one. Occasionally, when I am very close to the edge, she will ask,

“Do you want to come?”

I will generally answer with an enthusiastic yes. Then, when I am about to reach the promised land,

“No, not today.”

And her hand stops. Powerful stuff.

It’s hard to say that I like this, but it adds a lot of interest to the game. This isn’t really possible with a  publicly scheduled orgasm; at least until the orgasm date arrives.

Recently, Mrs. Lion (1.0) played a variation on this game. When my orgasm date arrived, she went to work. As I reached the edge, she told me that I just wasn’t horny enough to come and we will try again tomorrow. She wrote a post explaining that my penis just wasn’t hard enough for her to believe I was ready. She did this for two more frustrating days. Finally, on the third day she declared I was horny enough.

I suspect one reason this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often is that Mrs. Lion, at least version 1.0, is too kind to torture me that way. She knows I love to come. I know she loves to make me come. So there is inherent tension  that increases as wait time goes on. She is, or was, a very kind lioness and doesn’t want to make me suffer too much. I appreciate that kindness.

Then there is the reality that if I wait too long, even with teasing, I lose interest in sex. I’m not sure this is physical. I suspect that a big part is defensive. I lose interest to avoid the ongoing frustration. If I’m right, the art of teasing can extend the period of high frustration. Eventually, I will lose interest. It’s the way humans and lions are wired. We’re programmed to not waste energy on pursuing sex if none is available. However, as long as we believe sex is possible, the interest can be sustained.

Are long waits needed to play these games? I don’t think so. The wait has to be long enough to make the desperation real, but not excessive. For example, let’s say that I get desperate at about a week or so of waiting. I’m not sure that is the number for me, just saying. At that point, or a day or two before, the teasing game can begin. The actual orgasm could be only a few days after that week, but it can be made to feel like years with artful teasing. Edging is a powerful reminder of what’s being missed. Teasing magnifies the edging exponentially by combining the mental frustration with the physical. I wonder if this is something 2.0 will pursue.

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    I keep a journal and my Mrs reads it fairly regularly. In it I am just like you. I make suggestions and sometimes talk about posts I’ve found (which are really just other suggestions). My Mrs sometimes will act on them and at other times will never even mention them. The hornier I get the more difficult the suggestions are for me–if she carries them out. But I don’t seem to learn. And neither do you! lol
    Have a great weekend. Mine has started great with a full release after 10 days. Now I’m hoping for more!

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