Poor Lion, Indeed

Lion says he tends to be a little extreme in his emails. I do too. So when I was talking about the huge amount of tiny clothespins I could put on his balls, I was looking for a shock to his system. After all, he created 2.0. He wanted more and more things done to him. 1.0 was too busy being sore and looking for “me time”. 2.0 just powers through things. It’s only fitting that 2.0 would suggest 75 tiny clothespins. 2.0 loves the “Oh, shit!” reaction Lion has when he realizes he’s getting what he asked for. Or maybe more than he asked for. 2.0 is fond of the synergistic effect. Sometimes two plus two equals seven. Can you imagine what 7.0 will be like? Yikes! Poor Lion, indeed!

I have no intention of actually putting 75 tiny clothespins on Lion’s balls. Those suckers hurt too much. Not only would it take too long to train him to take them all, they aren’t well suited for the thicker skin of his balls. I tried once and it twisted and fell apart. I’m sure Lion was glad to be rid of that one tiny clothespin. One down, 99 to go. I think, however, it’s more likely that I will try to best my record of 35 wooden clothespins with 35 clothespins with the sandpaper treatment on them. Or maybe 35 large plastic ones. That’s doable for both of us. Well, more doable for me except I don’t think we have 35 plastic ones and I’ll have to make more with the sandpaper stuff. I’m sure I can buy more plastic ones if we don’t and I can certainly make more sandpaper ones. Or, maybe I should have Lion make them. They aren’t for me, after all. [Lion — I made the ones we have now. We have the supplies to make more. They hurt much more than plain, wooden clothespins.]

2.0 has also been thinking about other shades of nail polish to beautify Lion’s toes. So far he only has a lovely shade of pink and a not-so-lovely sparkly purple. I like the idea of sparkle. I’ll just need to find a color that works well. Maybe something to match his car. Maybe a color he’s not fond of. Not that he likes pink or purple, which is why I got them to begin with. Perhaps a rainbow of colors so I can do each nail in a different color. The possibilities are endless. (I’m sure I just heard a grumble from the Lion peanut gallery.)

Yes, Lion is in for some adventures. Mrs. Lion 2.0 is only getting started.

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