2.0 Is A Bitch

I got an email yesterday from 2.0, that’s what Mrs. Lion called herself. We were joking earlier about how she isn’t that interested in numbers. I wrote back that I am, particularly how long till my next orgasm. She suggested that another number might be how many clothespins she could fit on my balls. She suggested she might try several times over the weekend to see if she can beat whatever record she set. She suggested that if she could get 25 large ones on, she was sure she could get 75 of the tiny dollhouse clothespins on instead. I wrote back that I am a poor lion for suffering through that. Her response,

“What can I say? 2.0 is a bitch.”

Hoo boy! She made me laugh and worry at the same time. For the record, she has gotten at least 35 large clothepins attached to me in the past. Those were the large, wooden ones. The tiny ones hurt so much I think the record is only three or four. Apparently 2.0 is less interested in my comfort. Lucky for me, so far she is much meaner in her emails than in real life. That’s not entirely true. 2.0 delivers far more painful spankings than 1.0.

In all fairness, I tend to be more extreme in email than in real life. When I get very horny, I have an alarming tendancy to come up with “suggestions” for Mrs. Lion that are over the top. I’ve suggested beating me no matter how much I am hurting. Well, she does do that but not as many swats as I suggested. I’ve come up with all kinds of stuff. Most of the suggestions are probably good ideas, but the quantity and frequency I make them is just too much for either of us.

1.0 was really good about taking a gradual approach to things. She started slow and light and would build up a bit. 2.0 appears to want to start pretty severely and escalate from there. Regardless of the starting point, painful stimulation does require some training. For example (and yes, I’m horny), if 2.0 wants to go big, or should I say small, with clothespins, it will take me some time to learn to tolerate the pain of the sort of onslaught she suggested in her email. The same is true of the tiny clothespin on the head of my penis. It will take time and consistent application to escalate to the point she has threatened (ringing the entire head with those nasty little things). Anal play is the same. Consistent application of butt plugs and dildos is needed for me to learn to accept pegging and larger toys.

Consistent doesn’t mean daily, but it does mean at least every week or so. My body has a memory for stimulation. It isn’t a very long memory, but I do become more tolerant and able to accept more with consistent activity. I’ve noticed that this is true of most people. Some people have very long physical memories. Mine seems to last a bit more than a week. So-called SM training is learning to accept more stimulation of various kinds. Since I’m not peak horniness right now, I’m not asking for a lot of that training. However, 2.0 doesn’t need my request or permission to do what she wants. Poor Lion.



  1. Author

    You know the exact amount of clothes pins she will get on you. As many as she wants & there is nothing you can do about it.

  2. Author

    More like lucky lion????

    (Have gone past the 1200 day mark of wearing a device so fet name has changed to locked1200)

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