A Little Lion Fun

I’m writing this Monday night after Lion’s festivities. I realized I won’t get a chance to write anything in the morning because I have a long meeting.

Lion had his punishment swats for dropping food. Since I bribed him to go downstairs, he only had one offense. I took it a little easier on him. I didn’t use the nastiest paddle and I didn’t hit as hard. I did four swats at a time instead of two, for a total of eight. He stayed still like a good boy. His buns weren’t quite as red but I didn’t expect them to be. He still had sexy rosy cheeks.

Then it was time for Lion fun. Unfortunately for him, I had Velcro on my mind. And on Mr. Weenie. It wasn’t as bad as he made it out to be. Yes, it hurt. Yes, those little teeth bite in. Yes, he was happy when I took it off. But it was only one piece and it wasn’t very tight.

After edging him a few times I stuffed him back in his cage. He said he was hornier than ever. Isn’t that the point? I only have a few days to drive him crazy before it’s time for his orgasm. He needs to be as horny as possible.

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    I think getting him as hirny as possible is a great idea. I also think it would be fabulous if at the time of his release, you changed your mind at the last possible moment. You could still allow him a release… But a few hours or a day later… That would play with his mind. And assert your authority.
    I was wondering if it were you and Lion on the ruined release videos you’ve posted. My wife and I watched them together a few weeks ago.

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