Red Buns and Rice

Last night I grabbed Chinese food on the way home. It’s become our unofficial Thursday night go-to dinner. Earlier in the day, Lion reminded me of punishment night and I informed him of the “should have” infraction. He knew he was in for some swats and dreading them. He’s still trying to figure out what inspired Mrs. Lion 2.0. Me too.

Lion asked me if I would consider cuddling him after punishment. On one hand, I was thinking I shouldn’t. He brought the punishment on himself. Tough toenails if it hurts his butt and his feelings. On the other hand, he needs to know I still love him even though I just blistered his butt. Earlier in the week he’d asked that I give him some time between swats to recover. How much time? How many swats before a break? That was undecided. So I decided. I made him tell me why I was whomping him, then I whacked him a few times and stopped. They were very hard swats with the mean bloodwood paddle.  [Lion – Bloodwood is the heaviest hardwood I have found for paddles. This one has a very small striking area (a 4″ circle) and a long handle. It hurts like hell!] Immediately his cheeks were red. I whacked him again and stopped. He yelled into the pillow but didn’t move. Good boy. I’m not sure how many swats I gave him, but he was hurting a lot by the end. I guess he shouldn’t drop food or “should” me. Well, mostly the “should” part. And it turns out I usually do cuddle with him after punishment anyway. I guess I don’t really think about it. Last night I was sure to tell him how good he was at staying still. I know how difficult it was even with the breaks. His buns were very red for a while afterwards.

A little while later I unlocked him and decided to give him at least a partial blow job. I wanted to drive him crazy. He said he’s been really horny and I wanted to make it worse. Unfortunately I went a little too far and gave him a ruined orgasm. Sometimes I don’t know my own strength. I got a little snack and he said it took some of the pressure off being horny. Oh well. He may still be very horny today. He says he gets hot thinking about Mrs. Lion 2.0. I wonder what she has in store for him tonight.

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    It’s important during a punishment session, I believe, to not show mercy (except for actual injury of course, or a “red” safeword if your relationship is structured that way). However, after a scene, whether for fun or punishment, cuddling is essentially always a Good Thing.

    The bottom is very vulnerable at this point, and explicit reassurance that you still care about him is really important. This is true even if, as in your situation, there’s no objective doubt about the caring – these are chemical responses we’re talking about. Even if the scene was for punishment purposes, please go ahead and cuddle or hug after it’s over! After all, he’s paid his debt at that point.

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