CBT My Way

Lion dutifully wore his diaper while we were home yesterday. He powered through cooking dinner with the wet diaper constantly falling down. He was not happy. I took pity on him and brought him a clean diaper a few minutes early.

Later on I had him remove the diaper so I could unlock him. He rinsed off to get rid of the pee smell, and I went to work on him. Throughout the day Lion told me he was horny. Now was his chance to prove it.

He was definitely horny. I used my hands for a while and then decided I could really drive him crazy with my mouth. I got him close and stopped. Closer and stopped. Almost too far and stopped. In my mind, this was a form of torture. Poor Lion wanted nothing more than to come.

When I was done with him, I told him as far as I was concerned, teasing and denying, with my mouth especially, is CBT. Lion disagrees. He says it isn’t painful so it can’t be CPT. Agree to disagree. Torture doesn’t always involve pain.

I left Lion unlocked last night. He’s still in his diaper. Last night he discovered that peeing wild in the diaper is different from peeing caged in the diaper. Live and learn, my pet.