My New Year’s Eve orgasm was wonderful. I did wince a few times during the warm-up. Something hurt as Mrs. Lion’s hand did its work. After the action was over, it was clear I have a problem. There is a sore near the head of my penis. It was tender all day Friday, so we had to postpone the scheduled, New Year’s Day orgasm. Bummer! Today is a new day and if I am better, there is a chance I can get a rain check.

We’ve both been writing about what we want to improve this year. I published my list and Mrs. Lion mentioned a few of her own. She agreed with my list, particularly the need for me to earn my sexual attention. On sexless New Year’s day I reflected on the large collection of toys we own. One is a fucking machine. It’s a model sent to me years ago by a long-defunct company for review. It’s fairly basic. It takes a Doc Johnson Vac-U-Lock dildo. This system makes it easy to substitute different toys. The one they supplied is quite large; too much for my untrained ass. While watching the Rose Bowl I remembered that device in our play room and mentioned it to Mrs. Lion. I suggested we get a more lion-sized dildo. She said, “Uh huh.”

In the past she mentioned the machine and said it would be good for pegging.  I’ll get a smaller dildo and the training can begin. I found this one and I think it will be good to use to get going. The challenge will be actually using it and the fucking machine. We don’t use many of our toys. I’m not sure why, but I think it has more to do with establishing good play habits than anything else. Part of the problem is that Mrs. Lion is fairly indifferent to play. She does it because  she knows I want/need it, but not for her own pleasure. It feels to me that she considers this a chore; not an unpleasant one, but work nonetheless.

I admit that in general I am a much more motivated person than she. She has found a way to remember things pertaining to my training. In one case, she has scheduled punishment days as a recurring appointment at 8pm every Monday and Thursday, Her phone reminds her if I don’t. That reminder has cost me more than one spanking when I’ve forgotten to remind her. Perhaps her iPhone can begin to provide consistent play. She can schedule activities and get a reminder on the evenings when they should occur. She uses her calendar to plan my orgasm days in advance. Maybe the same system would work for anal play, fucking machine, as well as other recurring training activities.

We need to improve our performance in this power exchange. As we approach our second anniversary in enforced chastity, it may be time to step things up. It might be a good goal to make not doing a training activity a rare exception instead of our current, more-laid-back approach. I realize that right now this sounds great. But when I am tired and a little sore and still have to drag my ass down to the dungeon to get pegged (just an example, Mrs. Lion), I will be sorry I suggested this. The thing is that powering through that inertia has always ended up making things better for us. Predictability and consistency will go a long way for me, at least. It may be time for more baby steps.