Breaking Lion

As Lion wrote, he’s out of commission. A sore on Mr. Weenie has suspended play for a while. Each time he gets a sore, he’s sure it is something nefarious. To me, it usually looks the same. There’s something about the quality of the skin on a weenie that makes a sore look worse than it is. Add to that the fact that it’s on his favorite body part and it seems to multiply the severity to him. Now he says he’s broken again.

I hate that. Whether he’s not functioning because of depression, his itchiness, a sore, or whatever, he says he’s broken. In his mind, he’s broken and worthless and I’m immediately going to rush off to find a better man. I’m not a toddler. I can see beyond this moment. I know he’ll be back on track in a day or so. I also know it’s not his fault. His orgasm will be waiting for him when he’s ready for it. Besides, how long have I been broken (not wanting sex) and he hasn’t run off to find a better woman. Neither one of us is going anywhere.

However, I do think Lion should be punished for crying wolf so many times. He thinks because he didn’t write it in a post, he shouldn’t be punished for saying he’s broken. Not true. He’s said it a number of times to me. If he really wants to avoid punishment, he should stop saying it. What he thinks is his own business and I can’t punish him for thoughts. Once those thoughts are verbalized, or typed in the case of a post, they are fair game for discipline.

Now, his sore weenie has thrown a monkey wrench into my plans for the weekend. He was supposed to be wild between his two orgasms and then be in diapers (no cage) during the day until bedtime Sunday. I don’t want to subject him to sitting in pee with an open sore so the diapers are out. I’ve also left him wild because I don’t want to add any friction to the sore area. Since he’s out of commission through no fault of his own I can’t very well punish him for wrecking my plans. Therefore, the plans have to change. We need to run some errands today and then Lion will have to hold a butt plug for a while. What constitutes a while? At least two hours or until he’s too uncomfortable. Generally he can hold it for more than two hours, but I assume, during the day, he’ll have things he needs or wants to do. That movement may prove challenging with a butt plug in. We’ll find out, won’t we?

Tonight he’ll get his punishment for saying he’s broken. My guess is, he won’t be so quick to say it when I’m through with him.

What do you think?