Because I Said So

Yesterday was full of laundry, cooking, and football. Both of our teams lost and by the time we got ready to play, we were distracted by Lion’s Christmas present. I bought him a drone. I purposely got him a less expensive one figuring there would be a learning curve for flying and/or crashing. I didn’t want him to feel bad if he broke it. The problem is that I didn’t do a very good job with my research. The only way to see any video is by connecting it to an Android or iPhone. Lion has neither. So we’ve been trying to figure out what to do. Last night we were looking at the specs for a much more expensive one, but one that can do what Lion wants it to do. We discovered there’s a newer model for not much more money. It’s so new, however, that stock levels are low and I suggested we wait a few weeks to allow inventory to normalize after the Christmas rush. I’ll return the starter drone and we’ll go from there.

By the time we finished with visions of drones dancing in our heads, it was ten. No play time for Lion. I’ll make it up to him tonight. For now, he’s safely locked back in the Jail Bird as he requested. It was actually a fairly uneventful four day weekend. Of course, Lion got his orgasms, but the only play we did was a nice spanking on Friday night. Lion wanted to go to a casino Saturday so there was no time for play then. And last night we didn’t do anything. It was nice to be together for an extended period of time. Now we need to get back into our play rhythm.

I’m thinking I should have told Lion I wanted him to be wild this week, rather than asking if he wanted to be. Asking implies he has a choice. If I tell him I want him to be, then it doesn’t matter why. Because I said so. On the other hand, just because I thought it would be nice for him to be wild, it doesn’t mean he agrees. He doesn’t necessarily like to be wild while we’re camping even if I want him to be because it makes things easier for both of us. It’s no surprise we disagree. It’s sort of our M.O.

Lion remembered to remind me of punishment day this morning. He didn’t want the mean swats he got for forgetting on Thursday night. So far he has nothing on his list. I’m realizing now that I’ve forgotten to do his “just because” swats. Yet another thing that has to get back on track. His buns will be able to take much stronger punishment if I toughen them up.