Security Blanket

Linus, I mean Lion, needs his cage on to feel secure. I guess I can understand. We all have things that make us feel more secure. Maybe you have a rabbit’s foot or a lucky coin. Maybe you bought a car because of it’s crash test rating. Maybe you have an alarm system for your house. Passwords and fingerprint sensors. Everyone needs security. Lion likes to be able to reach down and feel his cage.

I know it’s more than just feeling it locked on. As much as he says it’s there as a reminder he “can’t” do something, it’s really there as I reminder that I “won’t” forget to play with him. He needs me, not only sexually, but in his life. He is dependent on me for so many things. The truth is, we’re dependent on each other for so many things. I think I may have mentioned in prior posts that my parents were physically handicapped. In a sense, they completed each other. I think Lion and I complete each other.

Last night we were watching a TV show and an older couple came into the emergency room. The wife was having trouble breathing and the husband was beside himself. He didn’t want to lose her. Lion asked if I was that worried when he was in the hospital several years ago. His wasn’t as severe an issue. I didn’t think he was in any danger of dying. Once I knew the infection hadn’t spread, I was more worried about the doctors and nurses because of Lion’s surly behavior. He growled the entire time he was there. But I was right there by his side every day. Where else would I be? I think if I was in the hospital I’d still be worried about the doctors and nurses because Lion would give them very little peace until I was better. It’s what he does.

So, tonight, after I tease Mr. Weenie, I will lock Lion back into his cage. I haven’t decided if I’ll leave him wild in the span between his next two orgasms. It’s more convenient, but I don’t want Lion to feel insecure. [Lion – A one day break from wearing my cage will not make me feel insecure. I’ll like it.]