As I’m working today, I’m trying to prioritize things. Which stack of papers needs to be dealt with first. Which stack can wait till tomorrow. And I realized that along with prioritizing things at work, I need to prioritize things at home. We’ve lapsed into a sort of a slump again. With winter coming and the dark commute, it’s easy to be fooled that it’s later than it is. By 8 o’clock I’m thinking it’s time for bed. I need to put playing first again.

This morning, Lion said he woke up hard. Yay! I said we’ll have to see if Mr. Weenie wants to come out and play tonight. Then, as I was thinking about it getting dark early, I had a funny thought. Well, I think it’s funny. Lion may not think so. I was thinking we should play earlier in the evening – sort of an early bird special, which I thought I might tease Lion about because he’s older than I am. Anyway, I thought it was amusing. I could even make up some coupons for early bird specials.

There is really nothing that keeps us from playing earlier. We’ve just developed a rhythm of dinner, tv, play, sleep, rinse and repeat. But, like all rhythms, they can become old quickly. Sometimes you need to spice things up. I’m not talking about adding different play. We’re fairly spicy as it is. I mean playing at 7 instead of 9. Maybe a no-TV night. Maybe a mid-week dungeon visit. Just a change thrown in to keep things more interesting.