Four Days

Lion and I are about to have four days together. If it were up to me, we’d be hunkered down and never go out for the entire four days. However, I know we need to go out Friday and Sunday to run errands. We’re not shopping on Black Friday. I can’t think of anything I need badly enough to fight through the crowds. When I worked retail I was lucky enough to work a later shift so I didn’t have to deal with the long lines of early morning shoppers. Thankfully it was after my services were no longer required that stores started opening on Thanksgiving itself. With most of our family on the east coast, it’s easier to shop online and ship the presents anyway. I’m hoping the insanity will have died down by the time we hit Costco on Sunday.

At some point this weekend I’d like to play in the dungeon. I don’t have any definite plans, but as Lion said, it has been a long time. I’ve been remiss with a lot of things for a while. It’s so easy to get sucked into the 9 to 5 work then chores at home, and forget about what’s really important. Sure I play with Lion on a semi-regular basis, but the time consuming play never seems to happen. I know it doesn’t take that long to put him in restraints or in the sling, but a longer play session requires more forethought. By the time we’ve both worked all day, had dinner, and settled in, the last thing I want to think about is a long play session. In four days, I’m sure we can sneak in at least one session.

Last night I unlocked Lion and told him I was thinking we could snuggle and I could just fondle him while we watched TV. He was all for it. I’m sure he liked it, but there was no sign of Mr. Weenie becoming excited. Lion apologized and said he wasn’t really in the mood. No problem. I was just snuggling and fondling. There was no pressure to play. There never is. I was happy being close to him.

Tomorrow we’ll have our turkey dinner and be thankful that we have each other, but we’re always thankful about that. We both know how lucky we are to have found each other.

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    Happy thanksgiving you two!

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