I Just Felt Like It

It’s no secret that I like to give Lion orgasms. Our brand of chastity is not really orgasm denial so much as orgasm granting. On occasion I do make him wait. And for the most part, I can’t point to any reason I give him one. I just feel like doing it. Lion doesn’t usually mind an extra one now and then. Last night was no different.

I started off with the intent of just edging him. He did nothing to change my mind. He didn’t beg. He didn’t tell me he was incredibly horny. He just took his clothes pins like a champ and expected to be edged and locked away again. It wasn’t really until he was close the last time that I decided to keep going. I did get a little bit of Lion cream, but that’s not why I let him come. I don’t have a real reason. I just did it.

I’m sure some of you are thinking I give in to Lion too often. Maybe I do. But, again, he didn’t sway me. Afterwards, he told me he was wondering how he was going to make it until December 1. He never said a word about it. I guess he thought it would influence me. It might have. But then again, it might have influenced me to make him wait. I think it depends on what kind of a mood I’m in. Do I want to be a bitch or not? Do I want to tell him, “oh, so sorry”? Do I want to see the smile on his face after he calms down? I could have gone either way last night. There’s no real reason why I was nice.

In some respects, I don’t think Lion really wants to be denied. I think he just wants me to be the one who decides whether or not he has an orgasm. If I gave him one every week, he’d be fine with that. If I gave him one every two weeks, he’d be less fine with it but he would deal with it. As long as I’m making the decision.