Definitely Worth It

This morning we were watching TV and a lady said to her husband, “Some people are more trouble than they’re worth. It’s a good thing you’re worth a lot.” I guess that sums up how I feel about Lion. He sure is a lot of trouble, but he’s definitely worth it. All the new things he comes up with leave me shaking my head wondering how I got myself into this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Even last night when I was getting ready to put the nasty clothes pins on him and he was asking me if I really needed to do it. Well, no. I don’t personally need to do it, but I reminded him that he wanted me to do it. Granted, I should have gotten him more excited before we did it. He wasn’t able to hold it for very long so I took it off. When I went to put another one on in a different spot he said it was too much. Lesson learned. Next time he will be more turned on beforehand.

We’re not in a race. Nothing is dependent upon his learning to take these clothes pins. It’s not like I’ll extend his wait until he can handle them. We never made a deal like that. Besides, I want him to have his next orgasm almost as much as he does. Why would I extend it? For some silly clothes pins? Nope. He’s got a few other ways he could earn extra time, but this isn’t one of them.

I did get him all riled up eventually. I used the Magic Wand again. It still amazes me how excited it gets him despite his telling me vibrators never did anything for him. This one works very well. I’ve proven that I don’t have to use my hands at all. The Magic Wand can do all the work. Of course, I like to use my hands and I think he likes it better when I do. [Lion- Of course I do.] It’s nice to have another “weapon” in my arsenal.

My favorite weapon is my mouth. I think Lion is partial to it, too. [Lion – You better believe it!]  I’m not sure what it is, I just love having him in my mouth. That’s something he’ll never argue about.