A Change of Tactics

My experiment in rapid fire edging has not gone well. Once again I gave Lion a ruined orgasm yesterday. I’ll have to rethink things. What was I trying to achieve? Can I get there without giving him ruined orgasms?

As always, I was trying to give Lion what he’s looking for. I decided I wanted to push him to the edge over and over again to see if I could eventually get him to the point that he couldn’t go any further. In effect, breaking him. No more erection possible, for the night of course. Somewhere along the line I decided that meant I had to give him less and less of a break between edgings. Once I stopped I needed to start right back in. Why? I don’t know. I guess I was thinking he could stay at the heightened state as long as I stopped just short. I was encouraged by his telling me one night that each time I got him close he was sure I was going to give him an orgasm. All I needed to do was go one more stroke, but then I stopped. And I got greedy. I wanted to push him closer to the edge. And I wanted to frustrate him more and more.

Unfortunately, in my enthusiasm, I wound up going too far. I’ve been giving him just enough time to calm his breathing and maybe that’s just not enough time. There’s a fine line and I’ve been blowing right past it lately. I haven’t decided yet if I will completely reverse engines and not try this any more. I can still break him if I edge him enough times. Maybe the answer is in doing a combination of rapid fire and regular edging. When I see him getting too close, I should slow down. Maybe a few rapid fire to one regular.

I’ll need to experiment more. Luckily, I have a willing test subject.