Last night I was thwarted by stinky clothes. Lion is very sensitive to scents. We tried a new laundry detergent that seemed fine, but in the washer and dryer, the scent took over. We’ve tried washing the clothes three times in our regular detergent and they still stink. Last night he could smell them even through a closed door. With all the running around, first to de-stink them, and then to get them out of his smell range, I didn’t do the play I had intended to do. It’s not that I was mad at Lion. It just killed the mood. The only thing I did was the “just because” swats.

So tonight, maintenance spanking night, I will collect my toys and try again. Lion was horny yesterday. It was just a day after his bonus orgasm. I think he really only loses his horniness when he’s made to wait more than five or six days for an orgasm. I’m not saying he’s a horn dog all the time. I mean he’s horny at certain points during the day until the sixth day. After that he can take it or leave it. I may be off in my estimate. I know he’s said the longer the wait, the less he cares. Again, that’s a strong word, but I just mean it’s not foremost in his mind.

Lately there seems to be a snarkiness about Lion. It may have something to do with waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark. Winter is closing in. The rain is back. Our forecast is for sun today and then rain in some capacity for the next week at least. This is about the time I make my yearly vow to hibernate. Wake me up when it’s spring. As long as the snarkiness is relatively low key and doesn’t last long I won’t do anything about it. Everyone is entitled to their off days. If it continues, however, I may need to take some action.

I guess I’m still having a hard time deciding when I should put my foot down and when I should let things go. Sometimes there are valid reasons for snarkiness. For both of us. Instead of being mad that the garbage needs to go out and I always take the garbage out and how come you can’t do it EVER, we need to talk things out. That’s just an example. I know there are times I catch myself thinking I always do X and Lion never does it, and I’m sure there are things he feels the same way about. The truth is, we each do our share of things around the house. There are things I always do and things he always does. That’s the teamwork part of the marriage. But the snarkiness that comes out of the “always” and “never” is not helpful.

I need to figure out if the recent Lion snark is because he feels under-appreciated or under-punished, or what. For the record, I do appreciate everything Lion does for me and the house. If he feels under-punished, that’s another issue. If I punish him for being snarky then he got what he wanted. I’ll need to be more on top of things. And we’ll need to talk.