Spoiled Lion?

Yesterday I arrived home to pretty flowers and a mushy card from Lion. I posted a picture to Facebook with the caption: Pretty flowers and a mushy card just because. (Just because he knows how lucky he is). Someone commented that he is very lucky because I do a lot for him. I spoil him. I wonder if that’s true. I mean, I wonder if that’s the perception. I don’t think I spoil him. Maybe by “normal” male chastity standards, he’s spoiled. He usually doesn’t wait very long for an orgasm. He gets attention almost every night. We do most things he suggests. Does that make him spoiled? Let’s look at these things one at a time.

He usually doesn’t wait very long for an orgasm. True. His average wait is probably eight to ten days. Sometimes a little longer. Usually a little shorter. Is there anything wrong with that? It depends. If you are in a relationship in which the idea is to push for longer and longer waits, then there’s something wrong with an eight to ten day average wait. We don’t care about the long waits. We go for variety. After tonight’s orgasm, I think Lion has a sixteen day wait. Maybe eighteen. He’s just had three four-day waits. He only gets two orgasms in November. He gets at least four in December. Variety.

He gets attention almost every night. Well, yeah. Sometimes I think this is excessive, but I’m not trapped in a metal cage. I’m also not a horny person. If I wanted attention every night, I’d feel bad if I didn’t get it. There are some nights that Lion thinks he’s being ignored even when he gets attention. The prime example is if I’m on my iPad before we play. Because I am not giving him my full attention the whole night, he sometimes feels neglected.

We do most things he suggests. Yes, we do. At least we try them. I don’t always follow through with them. There are some things we try and don’t like. I hesitate to say we stop because I don’t like it. If we only did what I like we may never do anything. It’s the whole “did you have fun?” question he asks every so often. I like making him happy. I like when he has fun. Is it fun for me to do that specific thing? No. Is it fun for me to make him happy by doing that specific thing? Yes. And, by the way, we don’t always do what he suggests and we certainly don’t always do it the way he had intended. I like to put my own twist on things to keep him on his toes. (Speaking of toes, I think there may be a return of the nail polish in Lion’s future.)

So is Lion a spoiled boy? By some standards, perhaps. I just like keeping him happy.