Mrs. Lion had promised that if, after all of the birthday weekend teasing, I am a “horny boy”, she said I would have an orgasm Monday. Yesterday was Monday and she kept her promise. I’m sure she’ll tell you about the fun in her post later today. I leave that pleasure to her.

I’ve been thinking about the role of a caged male. In my case, it is limited to experiencing sexual stimulation and occasional orgasm at Mrs. Lion’s pleasure. However, that is a much more limited role that many guys have. My situation is different in that Mrs. Lion is currently not interested in receiving sexual attention. I’m hoping this will change, but for now the arousal is all mine.

In a more typical relationship, the cage turns the male into a sexual genie. His role is to be a wish granter for his keyholder. All of the sexual energy he might of focused on himself can now be used on his keyholder. Also, his keyholder, knowing he can’t experience sexual stimulation himself, is free from the guilt that having orgasms while leaving her partner high and dry might have caused her. In fact, it may be a good way for a keyholder to think of her caged male. In the beginning it was probably all about making his enforced chastity fantasy come true. Hopefully that evolves into something much more interesting to his keyholder.

Enforced chastity has placed him in a situation where he expects to give pleasure without reciprocation. That aspect of enforced chastity is almost always part of the fantasy. He won’t be surprised when you start using him sexually. What he might not expect is that now he is caged, you can roll over after your orgasm and go to sleep with absolutely no guilt at all. He has become a sex toy that you can use and then put aside while you do other things.

This is not easy for many women to process, including Mrs. Lion. Sex was always about him, your pleasure always included an orgasm for him. Typically, when he came the party was over. Your orgasm was never the reason for the sex. Even if he was a thoughtful lover, you still had to keep his release in mind. He wasn’t going to be happy if you finished and forgot about his need. Now that he is locked up, he is your genie. You don’t even have to rub his “lamp”. He will quickly learn that his keyholder has sex and he provides it. Any male orgasms are rewards or events for the amusement of his keyholder.

This may be starting to sound like the classic male chastity fantasy. It isn’t, or rather it doesn’t have to be. The hard reality of not only having his penis locked up but also discovering that enforced chastity is not only about delaying his pleasure, but that it is more about increasing his keyholder’s sexual enjoyment could be upsetting when it gets through his head. Unfortunately, many enforced chastity relationships never get to the point where the male realizes that he has gone from pleasure receiver to pleasure giver. The reason this doesn’t happen is that his keyholder never takes the appropriate action.

It’s hard for a woman to become sexually “selfish”. She’s been conditioned to put her partner first. I think that one reason many couples give up on enforced chastity is because the keyholder just sees her partner’s lockup as more work to keep him sexually entertained. A lot of guys are very happy with that interpretation.

As a keyholder, you have to make some changes. The changes will ultimately make you happier and will give him the power exchange he wants. No, you don’t have to become an inconsiderate bitch. But you do have to consciously put your pleasure first. It’s pretty easy to do this. Step one: schedule when he gets to come next. You don’t have to tell him, but you will know it is some date in the future. Just that knowledge is a big guilt-reliever. Next, let him know he will come, but not until you decide the time is right and that the more he entertains you, the sooner that will be. Of course, you know that isn’t completely true, but it is very important for him to associate with his eventual release with your satisfaction with his services. Even in my situation, I love thinking that I have earned my orgasm. True, I don’t often have a good way to earn one, but when Mrs. Lion rewards me for something specific by making me come, I love it on many levels.

That’s the bottom line. Caged males want to be wish granters. They don’t want reciprocation. They want to provide you with pleasure without receiving any in return. I’m no different. That pushes my buttons. I bet it pushes your caged male’s too.

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  1. Author

    Pushes mine for sure ?..
    I have been a fortunate guy to have found a woman that takes full advantage of my oral abilities and when She has been satisfied will indeed simply roll over
    ( sometimes demanding a back massage before drifting off to sleep)
    Of if it is during the day,She just hops out of bed and we continue with the day.
    Over the three years together (I drive to the country on weekends to visit Her)
    There has been less reciprocation as the time has progressed. .
    She used to pretty regularly, in the first year, squeeze my testicles for awhile before She fell asleep ..?
    This has lessened considerably over the past two years. My sexual gratification comes from giving Her sexual satisfaction.
    I consider my self a very lucky guy,
    Even though I am brought to orgasm rarely
    (Avg of 5 time a year) and the majority of those times without the cage being removed.

    Best regards
    locked120 /

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