The Angel and the Devil

I have a very horny Lion. It was difficult for me not to give him an orgasm last night. He wanted to come. I wanted him to come. It should have been a no-brainer, right? In a “normal” relationship it would have been. But in a chastity relationship things are muddier. Yes, it’s a female led relationship too. So the female should always have the final say. Yes and no.

Remember, I have the angel and the devil sitting on my shoulders. The angel says, “Take pity on him. He deserves an orgasm and you want him to have it.” The devil says, “He asked for it. He wanted you to deny him. Don’t ever give him an orgasm again.” In the past, the angel has won the argument more often than not. I know Lion isn’t disappointed when he gets an orgasm, but I still wonder, if he’s geared up for a long wait and I cut it short, does it bother him that he didn’t wait? You know, if you’re struggling to do something and you know you can do it, it’s just taking longer, and then someone comes along and “helps” you. Don’t you sometimes feel like crying foul? You could have done it. You’re sure you could have. But now you’ll never know. You’re glad it’s done and happy for the help, but dammit you know you could have done it. Or maybe Lion doesn’t care. Maybe he’s prepared for the longer wait if I decide to make him wait, but if I don’t then he does his little happy dance and has an orgasm. Done deal.

This is nothing new. I’ve gone through this before. And then I entered a period of time when I could wait, whether he wanted to or not. And now I guess I’m back in the cycle of wanting to make him come when I want him to come and I don’t care what the calendar says. I still have enough willpower to make him wait a few days. Maybe even four or five. I just have my moments of weakness when it comes to, well, coming. His coming in particular.

Some nights it’s not bad. Maybe he’s not as horny. I just edge him and we’re fine. Other nights, it seems like a stiff breeze across his stiff weenie will take him over the top. That’s when I want to give in. That’s when he wishes I would give in. That’s also when the angel and the devil appear. Who will win tonight?

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    I think you should make the Lion cum, but only in a way that brings *you* a lot of enjoyment – not just the reward of bringing pleasure to your partner, but genuine entertainment (teasing, rough “being taken” sex, whatever).

    I say this not from a prurient, fantasy-inspired viewpoint, but rather from that of a husband whose wife keeps him in chastity, according to her whim (by his request). The way we have things now, I love it when we do have regular intercourse, because I know (or at least hope) that it’s because she wants it for herself, not just to satiate me. Sometimes that may be separated by only a day, or it could be much longer (as much as six weeks, so far). This is true regardless of how long I’m expecting to have to wait, and in my mind is as it should be.

    It’s ultimately up to her, and you too, according to your posts. You’re not letting Mr. Lion down; you’re asserting your free choice. (But make him suffer for it a little ;-).)

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