13 Days

The training wheels are off. We have one week of Lion’s new job under our belts. It’s true that we haven’t ironed out all the details of when he’ll get home and who is doing dinner, but going forward we just need to do it. Lion is back in his cage. The semi-nightly (at least) play will resume. Back to business as usual.

Yesterday, Lion had his orgasm. I didn’t really think I was going to make him wait the extra day. When I saw how horny he was Friday night, there was little doubt he’d meet my horniness criteria Saturday. In fact, when he was putting the ring on Friday night he got himself all excited again and I had to wait a few minutes to put the cage on.

Since we were going to the movies last night, Lion wondered if we were playing before or after. Well, after would have put it past his new turning-into-a-pumpkin hour of 9 p.m. so it had to be before the movie. It took no time at all for him to get hard. So much for his worry about never being turned on again. (For the record, I don’t worry about my not being turned on ever again either although Lion does.) I edged him a few times by hand and then decided I could do a lot more “damage” with my mouth. I got him so close a few times, I thought I went too far. The only problem with using my mouth is that by the time I’m ready for his orgasm, he’s beyond ready and it only takes a few strokes before he’s done. It’s not really a problem. I just like to suck him longer. I guess I’m just greedy.

We’re now into Lion’s next wait. Thirteen days. It’s a fairly long wait for him. It’s not undoable. He’s done it before. He doesn’t like it, but it’s better than a fifteen day wait. Or twenty. See? You just have to put things into perspective. It’s not like I handed down a thirty day sentence to him. I don’t think he’s ever gone thirty days. I could have, but I don’t think either one of us wants to wait that long. That’s not what our chastity game is about. We just want reasonable waits with me determining those waits. And, of course, torturing him throughout the wait.

Tonight, he will be unlocked and edged. Will he be horny again tonight? I’m not sure. I haven’t gotten the Lion weather report yet. My guess is that he might not be very horny, but I can have some fun with him anyway. Even if I can’t edge him, he’ll get the attention he craves. And that will start our week off right.