So Close

Lion’s first day of school went well. He met all his teachers and classmates and knows how to find his classroom. He even knows where gym class is. I only remember being nervous for my kids once on the first day of school. I was nervous for Lion yesterday. I knew he’d do fine, but still, I couldn’t help but be a little nervous.

We didn’t play last night. Lion wasn’t sure if he was horny or not and we’re still settling into our new he’s-not-home-to-make-dinner lives. We had some leftovers last night so no one was really responsible for cooking. I had tonight’s dinner all planned out, but then we discovered we need to go to the store for some things so we’ll grab a quick bite out. It’s been six months so it’s difficult to remember how we did things pre-unemployment. It shouldn’t be this hard. I just got used to not having to cook when I got home from work.

I did make a decision last night, or maybe it was early this morning, about my wild Lion. He will remain wild until his next orgasm. It’s Saturday so it’s not like I’ve abandoned the cage. It will give him some time to adjust to working again. I know he doesn’t need to be wild to work. I just want to be extra nice to him. If he does something silly and I decide he shouldn’t be wild I will re-cage him. I suppose it might be better if I keep him caged for consistency. His working is a big change and other things should stay the same. However, it’s my decision and I want him to be wild. I don’t want to distract him with trying not to pee all over himself or shifting to keep from pinching himself. I think by Saturday night he’ll really want it back on anyway. A Lion can only have so much freedom before he starts to miss his cage.

He has already reported the Lion weather as sunny and very hot today. I’m happy to hear that. I like when he’s horny. He’s easier to torture. He knows when his scheduled date is, but there’s always the wildcard of a bonus orgasm if the whim strikes me. I like keeping him off balance. He never knows if this edging will go just a little further and give him that orgasm he really needs right now so badly. Nope. Not this time. Oh, so close. But maybe next time.