Yesterday was my first day of work. It was nice to be back as a productive member of society. It will take me a while to fully understand this new company and their products, but the people are very nice and I don’t feel buried. Mrs. Lion let me stay wild today. It gave me one less thing to worry about (layout of men’s room, etc.). The company has a full scale gym on premises. It will take some creativity to figure out how to change and workout with the cage on. I no longer have an excuse to avoid exercise. The gym is free, so our poverty isn’t an issue. After my first pay check, I can probably afford sweat pants and a long-sleeve shirt to use. I am sure that Mrs. Lion will not accept gym visits as a reason to remain wild. Even if she would, I don’t think I want that.

Sunday night was amazing. Mrs. Lion went lion riding and it felt wonderful. It didn’t take me too long to come. Of course, being edged a bunch of times first didn’t do anything for my staying power. I hope she will want to go riding again soon. My next scheduled orgasm is in four days; a very manageable wait. We’ve received a lot of criticism for my short wait times. It really seems to get to some people. Mrs. Lion growls every time we get a comment or email telling her that she should make me wait longer. This obvious difference between us and our detractors caused me to think about why we are different. The main difference, I think, is that Mrs. Lion hasn’t been interested in her own orgasms. I think many keyholders like the extra sexual energy devoted to then when their caged males wait longer and longer.

It becomes a game; a transfer of sexual communication from the traditional, male-led, male-ejaculatory sex to female orgasmic sex. There is a reduction of pressure on the keyholder to provide reciprocal pleasure. She can just enjoy her own orgasms without any obligation to provide one to her partner. For some women this is liberating. For many, if not most caged males, this transfer from receiving to exclusively providing pleasure is intensely exciting. As I have discovered, the act of taking away my ability to orgasm is a big turn on. Based on what other guys have written, this perverse pleasure is common. It may be why almost every caged male started his own chastity by asking someone to lock him up.

Where Mrs. Lion and I part company with most enforced chastity couples is that my chastity isn’t a game of constantly extended waits. Mrs. Lion keeps me waiting long enough to get very horny. Sometimes she pushes me well past that point with three or four week waits. Since I am used to an orgasm every ten days or so, the longer waits send home the message of who is in charge. In a way, the shorter waits set me up for greater frustration when my lioness makes me wait two or three times as long. She’s created a self-limiting environment where the currency is my frustration and longing. I think that she’s proven that continually extended wait time isn’t needed to exercise full sexual control of me. In our case, it’s the varying waits that keep me off sexual balance.

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    It drives me nuts that people criticise. All control is with Mrs. Lion – that’s the only requirement for the enforced chastity. She decides when you’re chaste and when you’re not. Other people should keep out of it

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