Are You Up For It, Lion?

It’s amazing what a nice edging session can do. It might have taken a little bit to get his motor running, but we had fun. After I edged him once I got out some lube. We both love when he’s slippery. I have no idea how many times I edged him, but there were some very close calls. He even edged himself by bucking and stopping just short. I was relentless toward the end. I’d stop and then start right back up again. Poor Lion. He was in heaven.

Lion only has to wait one more day for an orgasm. He’s had a few very short waits because I gave him a bonus orgasm. I don’t have access to my calendar while I’m at work so I don’t know how long his next wait is, but I think it might be about ten days again. Just long enough to make it interesting. Assuming we’re not preoccupied by life, edging him every day should make him incredibly horny by the end of his wait. With so many things still up in the air, I don’t want to make him wait long anyway. I do need to be more consistent in playing with him. I need to keep his interest up. Outside distractions will happen. Consistency is important.

I’m working today and Lion has an interview later. We’ve already started the weekend off on the wrong foot. I am determined, however, to have a good weekend. As I mentioned yesterday, we’ll be playing in some capacity. I don’t care if it kills us. We’ve been in this lull for too long. Sex is free so we should be enjoying ourselves regardless of the financial situation. We have all the toys we need. The lube is abundant. At the very least, I have my hands. They’re useful for spanking, jerking, anal play, etc.

My goal is to have Lion begging for his orgasm tomorrow night. I want a big, horny puddle of Lion who absolutely needs to come. I’m not sure how I’ll get him there, but I want him to have no thought on his mind other than how he can convince me that right-this-very-second is the perfect time to give him his orgasm. Are you up for it, Lion? I am.

[Lion — You bet!]