Fingers, Toes, and Paws Crossed

As you’ve read, Lion is off interviewing. And interviewing. And interviewing. I can’t imagine having that many interviews in one day. I hope that means they will move quickly to decide that he is, in fact, the best Lion for the job. I’ve known for a long time that he is the best Lion for me. It’s true. We’re sappy. In 24 days we will celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary. In some respects it feels like we’ve been together forever. In others, just a blink of an eye. I don’t know where we’ll be in 24 days, but I do know wherever it is, we’ll be together. I’m hoping I’ll be able to afford a present for Lion. The truth is, he is my present and I am his. Neither of us needs anything else.

I know he’s worried I’ll leave him. He’s always worried about that. I’ve never given him any indication that I would leave. I did tell him that if he drastically changes political views I would leave, but I was only half serious. I’d only make him sleep in the other room. Just trying to keep a sense of humor in the face of everything.

We didn’t really feel like playing last night. I was falling asleep and Lion was worrying. We only cuddled a little bit. I’m doing Lion duty today, laundry and getting ready for the next trip. It’s a fluid situation. Depending on how the interviews go and how quickly he hears anything, we could cancel the trip or have something to celebrate. In the back of my mind I keep thinking this trip will be the last hurrah. We won’t be able to afford the next trip. And then the next trip rolls around and I think the same thing. At this point, maybe we’re both thinking we’ll just go out with a bang. No sense saving the money and staying home. We’ll be miserable and it won’t help anyway. Spend the money on the gas to get somewhere nice and enjoy it.

Lion was worried that his post was too personal. More personal than it has been up till now? More personal than some pictures he’s posted? More personal than having readers know he had an orgasm? No. This space is for more than just sharing chastity and female led marriage information. We’re regular people. Our life is not all about chastity and FLM. We’ve invited people in to see a couple living with chastity and FLM, warts and all. Sometimes it goes well. Sometimes it doesn’t. I think it’s important to share what we’re going through.

Thanks for reading.


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    We’re all pulling for you guys. Hope it goes really well and things even out! You’ve both certainly earned it!

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    Rooting for Lion to get this one!!

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      Hope it went well. Everybody deserves to be happy!

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