Whomping and Chomping

Lion pointed out that I had forgotten my planned sling fun this weekend. He reminded me a little late to do anything about it. I suppose I could have said, “Hell yes!” and thrown his butt in there anyway, but we had been outside doing yard work and we were both hot and sweaty. And I sort of had other plans for him anyway. I did wonder, however, if he would think my plans were made after he reminded me of the sling, and after I’d read his post for this morning. True, his post did alter my plans slightly, but for the better. I think.

My plans involved tying him to the bed and whomping on his sexy tush for a while. Then I was going to ask him to give me an orgasm. Then I was going to play with him. But only because I had gotten the order wrong from one of his previous posts. What he really wanted to experiment with was if I let him come first, would he be in the mood to give me attention? Since he had just had an orgasm the other day, I didn’t think he should have one again. So I just went with my original plan. With a twist.

In the past I have bitten his tush, but he called them love bites. His interest now was real bites that could potentially leave a mark or bruise. Lion hide is extremely hard to bruise. At least his tush. He bruises fairly easily other spots. Damn tush. Good thing it’s so cute. So along with the whomping, I did some chomping. I did leave some decent teeth marks but I doubt they lasted for long. I need to practice and experiment with how hard to bite to get the desired effect.

Who knew he wanted to be bitten? That’s easy. I can do that. It’s probably the easiest thing he’s ever asked me to do. Now I just need to perfect my technique. More Lion tush biting. I’m in! I have no idea why this is so much easier for me to wrap my head around than spanking or anything else he wants, but it is.

And then I sprang the other surprise on him. We discussed my misunderstanding of his previous post and then he asked if I wanted an orgasm. He laughed when I said, “Perhaps.” Either I do or I don’t. I told him if he wanted to do it I wanted him to do it. He laughed again. I told him I didn’t want to demand one, but it was as close to a decision as I was going to make. Of course he was willing. And clearly able. We both know how to push each other’s buttons. In a good way.

My problem now is that he thinks a switch has been flipped and I will suddenly be horny again. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. One orgasm (or five) in a little over six months does not a raging horny Mrs. Lion make. Maybe it’s a start. Maybe it isn’t. Let’s just see how it goes.

All in all it was a good weekend in the Lion’s den. He got to see his movie. He got tied to the bed. He got whomped and chomped. He got to give me an orgasm (or five). A good weekend indeed.