Lion's butt freshly bitten
Mrs. Lion previewed this post when I started it on Sunday afternoon. As you can tell by the title, it is partly about bites. She decided to bite me. Here is the evidence.

Sunday was quiet. We stayed home and lounged around. I spent some time on Twitter chatting with friends. Mrs. Lion played her iPad games. I did get stir crazy in the middle of the afternoon and I decided to use the weed whacker to clear some of the wilderness around the house. Mrs. Lion decided that while I whacked she would mow our back lawn. So we got some landscaping work done and I was less restless. All in all, we were doing something useful and got some badly needed exercise.

Last night I got three big surprises: First, Mrs. Lion came into the bedroom with our restraints (well, my restraints). She proceeded to tie me to the bed. Once secured, she gave me a wonderful spanking. Second, she did something that this post is about: she bit me! It was a good start, but no bruise this time. The third thing blew my mind. She said,

“Perhaps I would like an orgasm if you feel like giving me one.”

“Perhaps??? Perhaps!,”

I said a bit too loudly. She began laughing. We both laughed for a while and then I happily gave her a nice string of very noisy orgasms. I loved it. I think she did too. After she recovered, she teased me and went a bit too far. I had another small ruined orgasm. Mrs. Lion didn’t try to revive me. I expect she was still feeling the hormonal effects of her orgasms. I told her that I hoped she would come again soon. More laughing. It was a very welcome opportunity for me to give her pleasure. I know we have differences about how we perceive play, enforced chastity, and FLM, but this was a rare opportunity to just enjoy one another.

One of those differences that is a bit difficult for us, is the way we think about play and pain. As she has often written, Mrs. Lion has no real interest in power. She doesn’t want to be in charge sexually, or in any other way. That means FLM and enforced chastity is challenging to her. To make things worse for her, better for me, I also like D/S play. I like being spanked (not punishment  spanking, D/S spanking). I love being tied up. That’s no surprise since I like wearing the chastity device. I also like little pain souvenirs; bruises. Nature in her perversity has made my butt very difficult to mark. Even after a long, hard spanking, I am barely pink, much less bruised. There are implements that have bruised me in the past. We have some here. Mrs. Lion’s preference for paddles has kept them out of her repertoire. In fairness, even those implements fail to bruise more often than they succeed.

I mentioned this to some friends on Twitter (I’m @thecagedlion there). The immediate response was a single word: “biting”. Apparently, bites rarely fail to leave a telltale mark and perhaps a twinge of pain when pressure is applied. Perhaps my lioness would enjoy biting me. I admit that my experience being the bitee is very limited. It’s a sensual area that remains relatively unexplored for both of us. That’s rare. In the distant past I believe I gave and got some hickies, but beyond that in my decades-long adventures in D/S, choppers haven’t been used. I can’t imagine why I didn’t do more biting when I was a top. I certainly had yummy partners. But then when I bottomed, no teeth used then either. Last night Mrs. Lion bit me hard enough to leave marks, but alas not enough to bruise.

It may seem odd that I would like to be marked now and then (maybe more often than that). But I do. When I have had bruises on my butt, each time I sat down a happy memory was triggered by the pain. Strictly speaking, bruises are not a necessary part of enforced chastity or FLM, or for that matter, D/S. I’ve received so few that they have become very exotic to me, sort of a masochistic caviar that would be nice served up with play.

There is a natural reluctance to leave marks. Bruises are injuries, right? Well, yes but if the same spot isn’t bruised over and over, there is no real risk of hurting someone. There are a few guidelines: Do not attempt to mark an area where a bone is close to the skin. Breasts are always out of bounds. Any injury there can result in serious future consequences. Never hit the sides of the penis very hard when erect. Damage can result there. However, the spongy tissue on the head is always fair game. Prime real estate for marking is the butt; particularly the area between the upper thighs and mid butt. This is the area where sitting takes place, so any bruise will provide a nice reminder of your stimulation.

I do enjoy some pain. I don’t like punishment spankings, but I do like the other ouchies that Mrs. Lion gives me. I know she does them out of love. I wish they would turn her on, but she isn’t wired that way, at least for now. If we can wake up her libido we may discover there is a turn-on hurting her lion. I hope so!

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    It’ll come as no surprise that I’m (we’re) big fans of marks – biting, hickies, etc. We’ve written about it a bit, and it’s one of those “things I never imagined or knew” that we’ve stumbled upon in our playtime.

    Our rule (aside from no injuries, as you mention) is “below the collar bone, above the shorts line on thighs.”

    This is one of those things that, done many times over, is able to seriously contribute to the path to sub-space. Charmer is big on bite/bruise marks as a combination, but it does take practice. You can take more than it seems you can in terms of pressure, and I have to imagine as the biteR, you have to learn that line too.

    I’ve also found that, like other “impact”-type things, as the session goes forward, I can take much more significant pressure, duration, etc.

    Charmer tends to keep the bites smaller so she can more easily maintain the pressure (they are not quick affairs and usually have teeth marks with a hickey inside – great fun). It seems to not only push my buttons, but her Domme buttons too – she tells me she loves the reactions she can elicit from me.

    Have fun!

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