A Lion Never Forgets

Last week I mentioned that Lion’s butt might be in a sling this weekend. At the time he wasn’t horny. I was hoping he’d get horny. Well he has. He is. And he didn’t forget that I said his butt would be in the sling. He also needs more manscaping. The sling will actually help with manscaping since it opens him up spread-eagle for me. I guess that makes it a win-win.

Not only does Lion need to be careful what he wishes for, I have to be careful what I say is a possibility. When I say maybe something will happen, or I need to do X, or it’s been a while since Y, Lion stores that away and hopes that it will be done. And if it isn’t he’ll remind me, sometimes not so subtly. Last night he was in the bathroom and mumbled something about the sling. Crap. I’d forgotten. We got involved in other things and I got involved in having time off from work. I’ve been maintaining his nightly edging, but forgot about the sling.

Actually, since I’ve been edging him nightly, he hasn’t seemed interested in other activities. When I bring out the rope, the Velcro, or the clothes pins he looks sort of disappointed. When I’ve presented him with the butt plug he grumbles and rolls over. Hey, these aren’t my ideas. Well, they are at the time, but these are things he’s asked me to do to him in the past. Is there suddenly a problem with them? Is this reaction meant to goad me into FLM action? Will I don a cape and become Superwife and insist we do these things? If it is I have to tell you, I’m more likely to stop doing them. If he doesn’t want it, what am I doing it for? But he’s excited about the sling. I don’t get it. Of course, as you know, I don’t get any of this. I just do what the crazy Lion wants me to do.

So after our errands this afternoon, after we do some chores around the house, I will put my Lion in his sling. I’ll manscape. I’ll play with him. I’ll edge him. I’ll decide if it’s time for his orgasm. He’s certain it is time. I don’t think it is. Either way, he’ll be happy with all the attention.