All I Had to Do…

Lion had a very promising interview this morning. He is encouraged. He has another one this afternoon. If nothing else, we’re going into the long weekend with a positive attitude. While Lion was gone, all I had to do was remember to write a post. Oops. I didn’t. I thought about it earlier and then got involved with doing other things and didn’t realize I’d forgotten until we were running out the door. So here I am, playing catch up.

Aside from the Lion interviews, the only news is that there was no playing in the Lion’s den last night. When I moved over to unlock him he sighed. Not a contented sigh. More of an “oh crap” sigh. I asked what was wrong. He said he wasn’t really up for playing. He said I didn’t really seem up to playing either. I was fine. I would have played. He said he’d rather wait till tonight and quickly asked if that was okay. It’s fine with me. We play to make him happy more than to make me happy. When he wants to play and I don’t I can understand that he’d be disappointed. When I want to play and he doesn’t, I’m not disappointed. I’m not relieved either, if anyone was wondering that. I just feel bad that he’s not happy enough to want to play.

I’m hoping, once the interviews are over and we get our stupid camper unstuck, Lion will be in more of a play mood. But even if he isn’t we can still snuggle and spend time together. We can even binge watch Netflix for all I care. As long as we’re together.