Last night I finally got Lion to the edge. Several times, in fact. I’m not sure why last night was different from other nights in the recent past. Things didn’t start out so well. I did a little manscaping and managed to cut him with the electric shaver. Then, as I was tying his balls I pinched him. Yay, Mrs. Lion. Way to set the mood. I figured all was lost at that point, but I decided to try anyway. And there you go. I guess it proves you don’t know what will happen until you try.

This morning we dragged the camper out to have some work done to it and we got it stuck trying to park it in the yard. It’s sitting exactly where it got stuck the first time we brought it home when we had had tons of rain. We thought it was dry enough. I guess that proves you do know what will happen when you try. So now we have a few weeks before our first scheduled trip to get it unstuck. I’d ask what else can go wrong but I really don’t want to know.

On the plus side, as we were driving home (before we got stuck) Lion gave the weather report. He’s horny again. Yay!!! He’s probably less horny after fighting with the camper for a half hour, but at least he felt it. I know I was happy a few weeks ago when I felt a tiny bit horny. It was gone as quick as I realized it, but it meant I’m not completely dead. Lion might have thought he was broken, but I knew he’d come around. I should have known he was horny. As we were driving he said we should stop for something and I said there wasn’t enough room for me to get all the way off the road. He joked that he’s used to not being able to get all the way off. Yes, my poor boy is back!

His not being horny worried both of us. I think he was more worried than I was. I know he has his down times even in the best of circumstances. These past few months have certainly not been the best of circumstances. We have our fingers crossed now that there are two potential jobs out there. While neither is a sure thing, there is one thing I am sure of: I love Lion whether he’s horny or not, employed or not.