Rosy Cheeks

The Lion weather report yesterday was horny with a chance of playing. I’m glad he’s horny. He went through a patch when he wasn’t so horny. I prefer a horny Lion.

I started off our third play night in a row by removing Lion’s girly toenail polish. I was very difficult to remove. I think the sparkles in it change something in the nature of how it goes on and comes off. But I persevered and his toes are now mostly non-purple. There’s a tiny bit around the edges that was too stubborn. He thinks they look much better natural. I think they need a splash of color again sometime soon.

As promised I gave Lion some pink buns last night. He lost the color on his toes so I had to add color somewhere. Lucky for him, he loves pink buns. He asked if he was as red as when I punish him. It’s hard to answer. Sometimes I think his cheeks are so shocked at being punished that the blood doesn’t head there right away. As a matter of fact, sometimes they look almost white, like I’ve scared the blood away. “Head for the hills! She’s got the damn paddle again!” Other times they can get very red very quickly. Last night they were just rosy pink. And cute, of course.

Once I was done I had him roll over for some edging. He was moaning the second I touched him. Poor horny Lion. I don’t know if he starts out positive he will get to come or positive he won’t. I wasn’t positive at all last night. Either way. I wanted to give him an orgasm because he was so horny. But then I didn’t want to for the same reason. It was only four days since his last one. If he’s this horny last night then he’ll be even more horny tomorrow night. And the night after. And so on. I wasn’t even sure when his next scheduled orgasm was to know if I was giving in way too early. But who cares? He doesn’t know when that scheduled date is. I can give him one any time I want to. Of course, that’s true any time. That’s just what was going on in my mind while I was playing with him.

Will tonight be Lion’s lucky night? He might get a fourth play night in a row. That would be lucky. Will he have an orgasm? That would be even luckier. We’ll see.

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    With regards to spanking n rose cheeks try getting Lion to sit on a cold slab or tiled floor which is cold. This can have two effects dependant on time. Short periods will cause vasoconstriction n paleness. Increased duration will cause vasodilation increasing blood flow n redness

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