Play Time for Lion

Lion was very quiet when I got home last night. He said he was fine, but he’s usually not that quiet. I still don’t know what, if anything, was wrong, but once we settled in for the evening he asked if it was a play night. When I told him we had played Sunday night he said it was too bad because he was horny. Really horny. There’s no law against playing two nights in a row. Or seven nights in a row. Or every night for a month. The rules only govern a minimum. I decided since he had nothing on his punishment list (and yes I know he could have had something on it if I had put it there) he could have an extra play night.

I did make him wait till 10ish but that was a consequence of the tv shows we watched. Doggie ice cream time provided a break in that action so I decided it was time for some Lion action. I started off by admiring his purple toes. They are certainly not as glaring as the pink toes. He said they are bad enough. I think he needs a nice spring color. Perhaps something in the yellow family. And I always tell him I could get some red and paint a black racing stripe on them like his car. This usually prompts a rolling of his eyes or a scrunched up face. I like teasing him about his girly toes.

I’ve been in search of pre-cum the past few times I’ve edged him. He said he’s starting to get worried that he isn’t producing any. I don’t think it’s a big deal but I’ll stop asking for it if that will take the pressure off. I can’t tell you how many times I edged him. It was at least five times. I was going for a broken Lion, the point at which he can no longer maintain an erection even though he hasn’t had any orgasm. But he was getting so close I didn’t want to risk a ruined orgasm so I stopped.

Not surprisingly, he said the edging did nothing to cure his horniness. It isn’t designed to. If anything, it should make it worse. I’m sure the ever hopeful Lion thinks I may take pity on him and allow him an orgasm. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don’t. He places his bet and takes his chances. Lion likes to play slot machines. He understands the gamble. Worst case, he has a little fun even if he doesn’t win the jackpot.

Perhaps tonight will be a Lion play night too. There may be a butt plug involved. Or maybe a fun spanking. Anything to make my horny pet even hornier.