Learning Via My Bum

Monday night was punishment night. I was absolutely not in the mood for a spanking. I never like discipline, but Monday I just didn’t even want to think about being punished. Of course, you are thinking, so what? It isn’t up to me to be in the mood for punishment. If I don’t want to be punished, then don’t do naughty things. Right, Lion? Well, yeah. I did say to Mrs. Lion that maybe this domestic discipline stuff was a mistake. She reminded me that we did agree we could discuss that in December. I remember that it was my idea to review at the end of the year.

I had to lie down on the bed and Mrs. Lion administered her spanking. She made the swats less violent but did more of them. I had suggested that might have a more lasting effect. It was easier to take, but I couldn’t feel it an hour later. I hate to say it, but the harder swats are more memorable. Of course, the less violent spanking didn’t require me to be tied down. That might be worth the lack of lasting pain. Also, the offenses were minor: dropping some tuna salad on the table, failing to corral an ice cube squirting out of the ice dispenser, and eating first at lunch on Sunday. I did get the point. The spanking certainly hurt.

It was great that Mrs. Lion stood her ground. She was sweet about it, but made it crystal clear that I was going to be spanked. I was absolutely not in control. I didn’t have to agree to be spanked. That wasn’t in our arrangement. In the back of my mind, I thought that if I really didn’t want a spanking, I could avoid it. That, of course, is true if the spanking is for play. But clearly discipline isn’t the same at all. I knew that on an intellectual level, but deep down I figured I could escape.

Now I know; I can’t postpone or cancel punishment. Now that I think about it, this new state of affairs is the first time in my life that I have been punished in a way I don’t want to accept. This is another evolutionary breakthrough for both of us. Mrs. Lion has exercised her authority and has punished me against my will.  I have experienced involuntary punishment. I am just starting to understand that this isn’t a form of play. At some level, I had an erotic vision of domestic discipline. I don’t now. Mrs. Lion has demonstrated her control. I submitted when I didn’t want to. We are making progress. Who knew I would learn via my bum?